Home Discussion Forum Why are people saying that Aleister crowley's tarot cards are evil???

Why are people saying that Aleister crowley's tarot cards are evil???

Just so you know i don’t believe anything is all good or all bad, and i don’t believe that soemthing like a deck of cards can be filled with a person’s good/bad energy when he didn’t make them himself (They were made in a factory people!) and i am buying them resell so i will be cleansing them of the previous owners energy.
I don’t believe that Cards are evil just because a satanist’s art is on it, heck i don’t believe that Satanists are evil.
They are Tarot cards, they are a tool of divination. One tarot deck is no more evil the the other, Crowley’s deck is Exactly the same as the Celestial deck and the Sun deck.
Why would so many people think that a deck of Cards are evil???


  1. They believe that because Aleister Crowley was given the title “The Wickedest Man on Earth”. He was sick but brilliant in a warped way.

  2. I haven’t a clue….I’m with you on this one. They are CARDS, cards are not evil and they never will be.
    PS – There is no such thing as satan anyway…..

  3. because supposedly fortune telling is satanic…i thought it was still kinda neat though so i bought a deck and had a goth chick give me a reading, it was cool because it was all true

  4. The cards themselves might not be “evil” per se, but the fact that the profit for those cards is going to a Satanist cause, makes them a tool for evil. Get it?

  5. Tarot cards aren’t evil, but they sure don’t predict anything, or do anything like that.
    Tarot cards = evil? No.
    Tarot cards = load of B.S.? Yes.

  6. I don’t believe the cards are evil either, personally I don’t much care for them but that’s more an aesthetic thing.
    Crowley practiced High Black Magic, if he wasn’t evil he was certainly twisted, perverted, and a known drug addict at the end. The fact that he slaughtered a goat while it was engaging in sexual activity with his daughter turns me off…most the people that were close to him either died by their own hand or went mad.
    So yeah…I can see why the Thoth would have the reputation for being an evil deck.

  7. I think you pretty much nailed it on the head. People think of Crowley as Satanic (he wasn’t). People think of Satanists as evil (highly arguable). People think that everything that comes from evil must be evil, right down to decks of cards.
    It’s easier to package things into neat but innacurate bundles than it is to consider the complexity of the whole thing.

  8. There’s a lot of silly superstition about Crowley. He wasn’t an evil Satanist. The fact is, the man was brilliant, misunderstood, and way ahead of his time. The deck he designed with the help of Freda Harris — the Thoth Tarot — is one of the most beautiful decks out there. The imagery is intense, intoxicating, and filled with layer upon layer of symbolism. I think it’s one of the best decks in print, and strongly recommend it.
    Oh, and a previous responder got the goat story wrong. It wasn’t his daughter, it was his girlfriend, and it wasn’t having sex with her. Actually, funny enough, the goat wasn’t interested. Stories about Crowley are wild enough without being exaggerated. He was who he was, but he was nowhere as evil as he’s made out to be.

  9. fear. Just because AC was the anti-christ (as mentioned in the bible) doesn’t mean everything he touched was evil. Would you stop going to Loch Ness for vacation if you knew he did one of his biggest rituals there?

  10. I hate the Thoth deck and think it gives off a horrible, disgusting energy. But it’s not because it’s “satanic” or whatever. I get on quite well with Satanists actually, and I find them to be fairly principled people for the most part. I think it’s because Crowley himself was absolute human garbage, and that comes through in his creations. They just feel sludgey and bad to me.


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