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Why are people making such a big fuss about the new Malibu?

It is the same car as the Saturn Aura and the Pontiac G6, which came out two years ago. GM didn’t do anything to the Malibu to make it better than the Aura or G6, so what’s the big deal about the Malibu? Personally, I think the Aura looks the best, followed by the G6, then the Malibu.
For the record, I am not calling it a bad car.


  1. I haven’t really heard much press on the subject. I personally don’t like the box-shaped back end of the car. It’s not as smooth as my 2001 Malibu.

  2. there are many reasons that the Chevy is getting all the hype. The main reason: GM invested a lot of money in this model of the platform. Their reasoning, and should be yours too, is that this model is the most refined of all.
    Second reason: I’ve driven a G6, and its nothing special… sure it looks nice, but the interior sucks, and handling dynamics are nothing special. I believe the Aura, which looks nice, is a better car than the G6, and about equal to the Chevy, except… the interior. The Malibu has a very very nice interior.
    Third reason: Automotive critics/the press all really like the new Malibu… so there you have even more justification for GM to spend so much money on advertising.
    Fourth Reason: Chevy is the volume brand, they want to sell more of this model than the other two.
    Fifth reason: GM is in a slug fest against Toyota and this is one of the models that they want to fight with head on. This is why they selected it to carry the two-mode hybrid system that will be rolled out soon.
    Lastly: Chevy is working very hard to re-invent themselves, harder than Saturn or Pontiac. So the publicity, the advertising, all needs to be substantial to compensate for the public perception issues they fight everyday.

  3. Its got a much nicer interior than the G6. Everybody that has reviewed it has said its an outstanding car and is every bit as good as the top mid size cars like the Camry, Accord, and Fusion. Its built in the US too.

  4. They market the new model by making fun of their old model. I wonder why GM cars have poor resale? At least they don’t say ” we finally fixed the intake gasket problem”, on second thought maybe they didn’t


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