Why are Paranormal Phenomena & Parapsychology subcategories of Science?





When they are not scientific?


  1. Yahoo certainly had there own reasons for deciding where to place this (and all other) categories.
    However, to correct your misperception parapsychology is
    ” the scientific and scholarly study of three kinds of unusual events (ESP, mind-matter interaction, and survival), which are associated with human experience.”
    and has had the recognition of the largest scientific organization in the world, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, when it was voted in as an affiliate in 1969.
    I have provided links to both the Parapsychological Association (the professional science organization for parapsychologist) and the AAAS for others like yourself that might be unfamiliar with the organizations and the scientific study of psi phenomena.

  2. Its not really, but they put it in the science section so that they have a higher level of discussion on the matter.
    They have a mythology section and a religious section, both of which the paranormal section would fit nicely in. However, if they put it in those sections it wouldn’t get debated (see the religion category for an example). There would be trolls flinging poo, hardcore believers who would just agree with everything, and no one would really balance out the discussion.
    Here, there are scientist and well read people with an interest in paranormal who drift in and out and answer questions from a scientific perspective.

  3. They aren’t, they are full on categories of pseudo science. Mainly because when anyone takes a scientific look at it. There is nothing there.
    That’s not a knock on them. They can be fun to research and investigate. However the reality of it is. There is nothing there for science to study. Except boasting, spooky stories and anecdotes.

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