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why are old black men depicted as laughing everytime something good happens?

I am referring to Africans living in Africa, the us, and the carribbean. Ive always seen them on tv laughing when something good happens. the best example i can think of is Rafikki,(even though he isnt a perso), but he is supposed to be based on an african shaman, and he was laughing hysterically, when he found out simba was alive. and ive also seen it with the stereotypical old afro american wise man. who else has noticed this?
FYI, im not saying it like its a bad thing

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just me
just me
9 years ago

Your question is interesting. I think maybe you’re reading a racial spin on it that isn’t there, though. I think it’s any old, wise person, not only Blacks. It may be a generational thing – I can picture my father-in-law (whom I consider a very wise, very kind old man, and who is as White as they get) laughing out loud at good news. Maybe this was a common thing in “the old days” like slapping your knee when someone tells a joke. Maybe in 40 years, TV (or its equivalent) will show old people giving each other high fives.… Read more »

9 years ago

Well, is that a bad thing?…..*sniff sniff*, I think smell a stereotype….

9 years ago

Hey dont talk about Morgan Freeman like that.

Pete K
Pete K
9 years ago

Unfortunately stereotyping, which is centuries
older than the mere concept of TV, is going
to exist for a long, long time to come. As long
as there are disagreements between the various
races of the human race, there will be mentally-
deranged iditots who think it is funny to show
a stupid look on a black person’s face.
Welcome to “reality”–which is largely a mis-
nomer, when it comes to TV!

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