Home Discussion Forum Why are natural laws and physical constants amenable to biology and consciousness?

Why are natural laws and physical constants amenable to biology and consciousness?


  1. because consciousness is simply the effect of electrical impulses in a biological neural net: your brain. Years ago, no one understood how the universe or or brains worked, so superstitious explanations like gods or demons were as good an explanation as any. We no longer need these superstitious explanations.
    Consciousness IS an entity in its own right. Its much like the difference between your computer and the software that runs on it. Nothing supernatural is required to explain it.

  2. Natural laws and physical constants = biology and consciousness. It is at the same time, both that simple and greatly complex. This is a basic and well supported place to start from. Read ” Mind ” by John Searle, to begin here. Then get into the neurobiology and neurology to get deeper into this.
    PS Equal can mean, ” the product of “.

  3. “there is no spoon, there is no spoon, there is no spoon, …” -neo
    There are no natural “laws” or physical constants without consciousness. I don’t mean metaphysically. Those natural laws were the product of years of work from some of humanity’s finest minds. And they are not laws at all. They are our best fit (approximation) to the experimental data.
    Those constants? not universal in any sense. There’s no inherent specialness to our units. One second has to do with the half life of Cesium isotope. Why Cesium? One gram has to do with the weight of one cubic centimeter of water at the highest density. Why one cubic centimeter? One meter has to do with the speed of light. But what is the speed of light if you cannot agree on what a second is?
    and without the proper units, those constants are gibberish.
    And so, I put to you, that those “laws” and “constants” are not friendly (amenable) or accomodating of biology and consciousness at all. But they are the product of said consciousness.

  4. Good question. Three theories are widely considered. Pick one.
    1. When the universe formed, and those things were set, we got really lucky.
    2. There are a lot of universes, with different values. Obviously the one _we_ live in has to have the right ones.
    3. It was an “intelligent design”. Note that I am not using the term to deny any science including the the Big Bang and the intervening 13 billion years , with Darwinian evolution; just using it to describe how it all started. Nothing in science contradicts that idea.


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