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why are my friends reacting like this towards me?

my friends are kind of shunning me a bit like they seemed to have lost interest in me. so my first question quite naturally would be how do i become a more interesting person(btw i’m in high school so think like a 15/16 year old) and my second question would so kindly ask all of you for reasons why they would be trying to avoid me. i mean i dont think ive changed for the less of my self but on the other hand i have changed for my own good but that might be my own opinion. i have radically started pursuing more spiritual oriented things such as meditation(not the americanized type of meditation im talking hardcore secret himalayan buddhist monk sanctuary meditation, like third eye/pineal gland training and ultimate knowledge divine mind types of things) and not using conveniences like cellphones or tv or anything thats not natural.(the only exception is hygienic type things like showering and brushing my teeth, there’s no way i would stop doing that.) Also i used to be not so bright, just like your average 15 year old but now i have taken up studying mathematics, being bilingual, using and understand “big words” basically just building my intelligence in general. would you be scared off or offset by that kind of change? my friends aren’t really the type to embrace such improvements either. please don’t tell me to get new friends because to put it simply i cant. thanks everyone, any constructive criticism is highly appreciated but please be nice if you have something to say that you think i would not like to hear. because i want to know what you have to think but you could only actual get me to listen to you if you said it nicely. 🙂


  1. Dude, I would feel intimidate if all of a sudden one of my friends who was just an average teenager went and started being all like zen Buddha. And I would also be a little freaked out that they would just stop watching tv or any unnatural stuff. Plus all that stuff in general is just freaky for a 15 year old. Just be a normal teenager. Watch tv, listen to music, stop being so “spiritually oriented” You have all your life to do that. And no offense but you called it improvements and its not really improvements you’ve just turned into a completely different person. You friends most likely liked you for you. Now your completely different doing what you think will help you and what not but it sounds like its not exactly you. Just be you.

  2. You are a very interesting person is just that now you are in a different path from your current friends. And if you want to be more interesting for them you will have to go back to the way you were before.
    Forgive me if I am mistaken but I think that the reason I mention in the lines before is one of the reasons why your friends are avoiding you, because for them now you are not cool to hang out anymore.
    Before I forget I want to congratulate you and give you thumbs up for choosing a more healthy and spiritual road. Enjoy the road you found so early on your live. Enjoy yourself.
    In everything good communication, honesty and respect of each other is the best policy.
    From my personal experience I have to tell you that being a spiritual person have make me loose friends and is being difficult to find new friends. But life have surprises and I know for sure that if you really look for something (anything) you will find it).
    Be simple and wise, nobody is better than you and you are no better than anybody, keep this in mind always because this will help you to keep you down to earth (close to your friends).


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