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Why are my dreams doing this?

September 11, 2001: My last dream was a loud emergency alarm. I did not own an alarm clock then. It was scary. I woke up and thought, “No big deal.” And two hours later everyone in my house crowded the TV because of the terrorist attack.
Am I psychic?
I also had the exact same dream when hurricane Irk hit land recently.


  1. maybe i was wearing my twin tower shirt the day before 9/11 it was crazy like a premonition but I’m not sure alot of ppl sensed it coming… we may sophisticated but we are still animals and animals know when something crazy is about to happen

  2. whoa thats weird. i guess you are psychic. but judging by the timing of your dreams your not gunna be able to do much to stop these bad things from happening.

  3. yes, you may have psychic dreams. i would encourage you to learn more about it. there is a tv show called medium about a similar lady, just to show it happens, you are not a freak. go to the new age expos, you will meet many such people, it usually is genetic in families.

  4. sometimes things come in dreams, Ive predicted many things that have made people heads spin including two plane crashes so yes its possible to have psychic visions.

  5. Wow, you are a rare one indeed. You could be what some people call a ‘visionary’ (persons who see real events before they happen to warn others or give instruction to them to help the others). You may also be psychic as well. In any case, you may want to consider talking to an actual psychic. I personally don’t believe in them myself, however, I do believe in visionaries. I don’t know of any other kind of doctor or person you could talk to about this. Maybe someone in the Church could help you. Speak to a pastor or minister. The fact that you have these ‘dreams’ and that they are authentic, needs to be acknowledged. I wish I could help you more with this. Good luck.


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