Why are most Christians so hateful and negative to pagan/witches?

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Thats not very Christian like. I have some Christian friends who accept me being Pagan and a witch. Does that make them better Christians?

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They don’t like things they can’t understand.


While I am personally not, most Christians reasoning is, “cuz za bibles says to burn all dem witches. YOU aRE PAWNS OF TE DEVIL!!1”

¤Blackhoof Buccaneers Revenge¤

At some point in history, who haven’t they been like that to.

Feathered Serpent!

“That’s not very Christian like.”
“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”
Its perfectly Christian.


because thats just that. in the olden days christians used to accuse many innocent people of being witches as well as torturing them painfully to death.

Perfect love/perfect trust

It’s not so much as “most” as the most obvious ones.
I’ve had Fundy Wackjobs stalking my house for seven years. This act ongoing of aggression will always be stuck in my mind. BUT this was a handful of bigots – not the thousands of Xians who don’t give a hoot about my faith OR those who know me & my faith and accept me for who I am, not for the hate-mongering of the above mentioned Bigots.
I try not to judge a whole group based on the actions of the small percentage that are Fundamentalists.


Because the Bible says “Put to death any woman who practices magic” Exodus 22:18


Many are misinformed about us. Others get an idea in their heads and refuse to let go of it in the face of the facts.
Many think that since we do not worship their god we must worship Satan. To some, there is no other possibility.
I, too, have Christian friends (and am engaged to one). I don’t know if accepting us for who we are makes them better Christians, but I do believe it makes them better people for not being so judgmental and actually taking the time to learn about something they did not previously understand.

never trust a muhammad sloth

maybe its because wiccans think they can do spells and even christians know thats dumb


The bible condemns all witches to be killed. personally I just regard them as self obsessed attention seekers.

Stephanie D

I’m going to be as careful with this as I can be so that I don’t sound judgmental towards you or any of the Christians that you are referring to. Now, the “hateful” Christians as you call them may act the way that they do towards you because of 1. Fear, 2. Fear of being tempted, 3. Hatred of sin or 4. Because they are on guard not to associate themselves with anything that is against God.
Because they feel very strongly they may come across as rude, angry and negative and they may very well be! Christians are not perfect people they are simply people who are being worked on; quite a few Christians find it difficult to strike a balance between hating the sin and hating the sinner. For those Christians who are able to accept you that does not mean that they want to do what you do or that they believe how you believe it’s just that your belief is not what we call a “stumbling block” for them and they are able to love you freely for the creation of God that you are. No matter whether what you are doing is right or wrong they have learned to love you for who you are.
The Christians who have negative attitudes toward you have not yet learned to separate you from your lifestyle. I’ll try to help you understand with a comparison that you hopefully can relate to:
If you met someone who practiced evil or dark magic that would be against everything that you believe in and a perversion of the truth that you believe, correct? You might find it difficult to be polite to them, invite them over to your house or even sit beside them. I’m not excusing Christians who treat you wrongly although it may sound like it I’m simply trying to explain how they feel. You would be wrong if you treated this person rudely or insulted them but your revulsion for what they do may overcome your desire to be a good person.
This explanation will probably not help you to feel better when you encounter someone who mistreats you but I hope that I’ve been able to shed some glimmer of understanding on why they act the way that they do. As a suggestion you might be able to gently remind them how they are supposed to act simply by asking, non-sarcastically of course, “Are you representing to me, how Christians are supposed to treat people?” Or something along those lines, be sure that your heart is in the right place before trying that however; if you are angry yourself the best thing is just to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. They will learn better trust me, because the God they serve will discipline them, Himself.
I hope that I’ve helped somewhat.
Minister Dillard


Yes. True Christians don’t hate anyone. We believe that pagan and witch craft is sinful, but we are told to hate the sin and love the sinner and we ourselves will be judged and condemned if we judge and condemn others.


We can be hateful and negative to the religion of Wicca and Neo-Paganism because it is a false religion according to the Bible, which we view as Gods holy word. As such, it leads to hell and we would not be showing love if we failed to point this out to people who are one their way hell.

wish master

no they just doing that to make you feel good.you some time some one looks for the other part of life wake up.


In my experience MOST Christians don’t care, it’s just a loud minority that act hateful and negative.
If it seemed to me that *most* of the Christians around me were hateful, I’d start to look within and ask who in my immediate vicinity-including myself-was acting in such a way to bring hatefulness and negativity to me.


It’s a people thing.
I’ve known plenty of Pagans who are not so nice to Christians. They can be very disrespectful of Christian beliefs.
It’s just a people thing… religion touches a chord that is pretty deep in a lot of people and for some people it’s not enough to be confident in their own beliefs, they have to tear down others.

Ben Gibson

because alot of religions have gone silly god or gods/goddesses are about love and peace and harmony but people use religion as an excuse to hate on what they dont like or dont believe. dont forget the bible is writen by man not god


well to put it in a way that it has been said to me. most christians are not jerks just like most pagans are not “fake” or just in it for the wow factor that i’ve heard it has. but most of the people who care enough to confront someone about there faith are. the people like us (in any religion), who are kind respectable people, are very unknown because we don’t cause a fuss so when you see someone being mean and no one being nice you think,. those people are mean. if you’re a good religious person no one should know what religion you are.


@ everyone who is quoting Exodus 22:18’s “suffer not a witch to live” : this is an Old Testament law given to Israel for the purposes of remaining spiritually pure for the eventual advent of The Messiah (that is, Jesus) and is thus no longer applicable to Christians, while it is still just as much a sin to practice witchcraft, sorcery and paganism etc. the perscribed response to such sin is forgiveness and love, as well as spreading the gospel, not being purged from the camp through death. also to note is the fact that the Hebrew Word for ‘witch’ (actually, ‘sorceress’ is a better translation nowadays, considering the connotations of a witch today- you only find ‘witch’ in the King James Version) is ‘Michasef’ which means an evil woman who uses spoken spells with the expressed purpose of harming others- completely different meaning to the pagan, new age witch of today- so this was just as much an issue of safety as it was an issue of Purity, or Kosher. The ‘burning times’ are not representive of true Christianity.
these vids should clear things up a bit:
Hopin Y’all get saved 😉


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