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Why are mediums associated with the occult, and the devil?

I asked a question about possibly being a medium, and how to develop this. All I got in responses were bible verses and advice to seek God. I’m not Christian, so now I’m wondering what all the hype is about, and do other religions (Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, etc) view mediums or clairvoyants the same way?

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  1. Who cares. have you ever noticed all these people claiming to be mediums are all fat or really ugly? makes me think that they are trying to get attention. maybe they werent loved enough as a child.

  2. No idea – mediums access other parts of reality – different types of medium access different things. Never heard that they are supposed to be into any kind of occult or devil worship.
    Mind you – people that don’t understand always just reach for the worst possible explanation and devil worship seems to be the worst most can come up with.
    Strangely – the majority of people that spout that sort of crap also stipulate they are christians – so not sure if they really are or if it is some means to undermine the christian belief by making all its adherents look like a load of complete tossers.

  3. Im sorry but there is no way to prove these people and what they are saying.. It is true people are gifted in ways outside our reality that i believe.. But anyone who charges money or holds mass events isnt trying to help anyone using their gifts only themselves..
    Also i never heard of mediums being associated w/ anything like that

  4. lol yup that sounds like your typical Mythology section welcome….
    The answer is linked to the way that people used to think way back in the middle ages (or possibly this age if you believe all the stuff that’s been levelled at you so far…) anyway, you gotta remember that the general population was uneducated, they firmly believed in many things we now consider crazy ideas, such as the world being flat. Education was tied up with the class system, only the rich got taught to read, to be able to read was to have a knowledge of how real things worked that was not available to the general population. Also education was tied up in the Church, the christians were pretty much one of the first to be able to read, and to teach it they usually were paid by the richer section of society – so therefore the knowledge was held by church and those at the top of the heap so to speak. Previosly the teachings and knowledge had been held by such people as Druids and other people who merely used herb lore, or ‘the sight’ to help their communities.
    Ok so, when Christianity was sweeping the world by storm and sword edge, the Christians used every trick in the book to get the populance to come over to the ‘light’ side including teachings that what had previously been held as ‘herb lore’ and ‘the sight’ was now evil rather than the old ‘folk magic’ that the populance had believed in and used for millennia – herb lore as used by the Monks was totally different – obviously!. THAT was ‘healing’ and ‘gods work’
    The Church was afraid of anything at all that showed that the population weren’t becoming good little christians, obeying as they should. They were also fighting several hundred years of Pagan belief systems, folk magic and suchlike, with the result that EVERYTHING not of this world was considered Evil by the church. Then we had what is known as the ‘burning times’ now this was a time when the church was still on the rise, and people believed so hard what they were taught was true that they would do anything to get into ‘heaven’ at that time that usually meant converting someone and/or finding a ‘witch’ (this was because of a simple mistranslation – the original term was thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live) the time of persecution – which spread all over europe and large parts of america (think Salem Witch Trials) went on for several years and it’s a hark back to this that has everything that cannot be explained by ‘ordinary’ means treated with suspicion.
    Also as late as the fifties within the U.K something called the ‘witchcraft act’ was still around, this law was used to ban all occult practices, it’s intention was to prevent those of a dubious nature making money, or controlling people by the use of ‘parlour tricks’ such as mediumship – something which had become very popular in earlier times, including the use of ‘ectoplasm’ for authenticity) and had often been proved to be an elaborate fake to make money. In 53 (as late as that) it was finally repealed but was replaced by the ‘mediumship act’ (I think that’s what it was called) to prevent the same fraudsters operating and making a lot of money.
    The fact that some people can genuinely contact the dead, or read the cards or read the tealeaves whatever you wish, had nothing to do with it, the vast majority of people at this time were charlatans.
    The teachings of the Church still stand to this day, which is why Fundamentalists get all aerated at the thought of a ‘psychic fair’ anywhere near them, or someone claiming to be able to speak to the dead.
    For the most part current society is way more open miinded.

  5. The Bible forbids all forms of Divination as encroaching on the mind of God, this is reflected in all the religions of Abraham, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, while most of the Pagan or Shamanic faiths have no problem with it. Buddhism is not a religion so it would be up to the individual how he chose to pursue enlightenment.

  6. Answer to 1st Q: Because religious (bible) and other non-pagan religions have been taught out of their texts that anything outside their religions are of the devil. From what I have seen, anything that has to do with talking with or seeing spirits are of the devil. The Christians believe that the spirits, all spirits are demons faking human form and able to speak, thus fooling people. The Muslim are the same except they call them Jinn. Jinn are all demons according to them.
    Wiccans don’t believe in One God nor Satan therefore do not believe in demons. This according to Christian and the like religions is of the devil.
    I’m not sure about Buddhism, Judaism.

  7. I agree with Sue, she has some good info. But there are true mediums out there, the thing is you either have the wiring to sense, see, hear and converse with those that have passed on or you don’t. You can not learn to be a medium. Everyone is intuitive and empathic to some degree. You can exercise these abilities and make them stronger, more accurate. Some people are born with the gift, just like gifted athletes or gifted musicians, they just need fine tuning. If you want I can recommend some good books to get you learning, let me know.


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