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Why are evolutionists completely unable to explain consciousness and why do they become so abusive when asked?


  1. Probably because that’s the role of neuroscientists, not evolutionary biologists.
    Edit: I recommend you read “Consciousness Explained,” by Daniel Dennet. It lays down the foundation for functionalism, Dennet’s philosophy of consciousness. Dennet is also an atheist and an evolutionist, so the generalization used in your question is clearly not always true.

  2. excerpt from my web site –
    Nothing has prompted more speculation among scientists and philosophers throughout history than the purpose and measurable properties of consciousness. Perhaps consciousness could be defined as an organism’s ability to select and impose beneficial properties to their surrounding environment. By this line of thought, intelligence would be closely tied to the level of consciousness of a particular organism. This is particularly noticeable among higher order complex organisms, particularly mammals. As you go up the scale of intelligence from cats, dogs, dolphins, whales, to primates, the level of ability to manipulate the environment increases to reflect intelligence level. From the standpoint of evolution this could make sense as perhaps the most complex example of a survival mechanism. This particular speculation makes sense from a ‘human’ standpoint as well, after all, humans are essentially the most advanced and intelligent organisms on the planet, and we’ve survived quite well as a race. However, this is also dampened by humans’ distressing lack of regard for long term consequences to the manipulation of the environment. While humans are quite adaptable to changing environments, much of the adaptability is the direct result of technological advances. Whether the technology destroys the human race remains to be seen, if so, eventually human-level intelligence would evolve among some other line of organism as the intelligence and consciousness is indeed a valuable survival trait. The ability to select the methods of environment manipulation that offers the biggest ‘rewards’ versus the initial investment may very well be nature’s most complex survival trait.

  3. You never answered my question. What is your objection to evolutionary theory based on our current lack of understanding of consciousness?
    Wise Duck should be given best answer in the old thread.

  4. Why do creationists always resort to lying?
    Your question was answered.
    Here, have some journal articles that took 30 sec to look up:
    If you weren’t so intellectually lazy, you could find what you want in a few minutes.

  5. our Conscience is what Gods given us in our heart to do what is right and wrong and to way the consequences of actions..
    Con = with and science = Knowledge.. soo to have a conscience is to be with knowledge of….

  6. You don’t know what you are talking about.
    Consciousness enables one to be aware of one’s surroundings and analyze what is happening. From that one can make decisions about a course of action to take. That has an obvious evolutionary advantage.
    Your problem is that you don’t, or can’t because of preconceived notions, think things through.
    Hey! Maybe you’re not conscious!

  7. Your consciousness is a result of electrochemical processes, not evolution. There’s no need to assume a supernatural soul because it doesn’t explain anything. I’m really hoping this doesn’t count as abusive, I’m really just trying to make a concise point.

  8. Why are creationists unable to provide any explanations for any natural phenomena at all, and why do they become so abusive when asked?

  9. Not true. I answered your other question and wasn’t abusive. It’s not my problem if you didn’t like it and then got abusive yourself.

  10. I’m an ‘evolutionist’ and I think I’m the guy you got this angle from. I’ve been thinking about it and posting this little flaw for some time now. The problem with thinking of awareness as stemming from neurons is that it says that complexity, essentially genius level software, is enough to make awareness. Not awareness as in ‘the software perceives electrons that represent light so it decodes the impulses and runs a bunch of programs and then initiates a response program that ends in our physical reaction’ but AWARENESS. Either all matter is aware or complexity becomes aware or there is a soul or….but to just try to boil it down to mechanism, to physics (or to chemistry or biology based on physics) is obviously ridiculous. There’s something fundamentally wrong with reductionist physics when it tries to describe awareness. This in turn opens up the possibility of real choice, free of determinants, of causes. ‘Evolutionists’ are usually familiar with this problem but sort of assume they have choice because, illusion or not, life sort of freezes up if you just sit around and think of yourself as having no choice. So we must admit awareness and choice seems unavoidable but unexplainable and you put them together and it sort of says ‘creator’ and yet, you read the bible or the torah (or, god forbid, that collection of hatemongering shit called the koran) and you see that ‘God’ should be giving a shit about us right now, and is clearly NOT. So I remain, for practical purposes, an atheist, while, strictly speaking, an agnostic but, at least, I came to this conclusion honestly, through spending lots of time smoking pot and thinking about heavy philosophical conundrums. The key is pot! (kidding)

  11. Just 1 answer to this: buy & READ ‘Consciousness Explained’ by Daniel C.Dennet…..after you’re read it you can come back, and we’ll discuss this further……

  12. A better question is ‘Why are theists unable to grasp even the most basic fundamentals of consciousness?’.
    If you bothered to look up the definition evolutionary science, you might get a glimmer as to lack of understanding on your part.


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