Home Discussion Forum why are daily astrology readings so vague?

why are daily astrology readings so vague?

how can i make them more acurrate.
what does LOLZORDS mean


  1. They have to generalize and be vague in order to “fit” everyone that is going to read them… otherwise people wouldn’t read them/believe them…

  2. Because astrology doesn’t actually predict anything, its fact, so they give vague stuff so ppl will think its talking about them, even though it could probably work with anyone. Its dumb, don’t take anything they say to heart. Its just fun nonsense.

  3. they are vague so that skeptics will dismiss them…
    and miss out on all the wonderful things that knowing the future can bring.
    astrologers don’t like skeptics.

  4. They are vague because if they were more accurate, they would never get any complete hits. This is why ‘prophets’ like Benny Hinn and spirit mediums like John Edward are also always vague. When things like this happen, people have a tendency to forget the misses and remember the hits. It sounds silly, but this is exactly how it works. The mind can so easily be fooled, that’s why magicians have hobbies/careers.
    If you want some insightful material to learn about things like this, I recommend you check out a man named James Randi. Go on Youtube and search for “James Randi Astrology” he did a show in the ’90s called “James Randi: Psychic Investigator” that puts things like this to the test in fair, real-time tests. Very interesting.


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