Why are Christians so against Tai Chi, yoga, Zen meditation, etc?

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These are important ways of maintaining physical and mental health and balance. Why are they so against it? WTH is their problem? I have had a few occaisions where Christians have walked up to me while I was doing Tai Chi in the park and they asked me ridiculous questions like “Have you found what you are looking for in doing that? Because I can show you the TRUE way to God.” [/rolleyes] It just makes no sense to me how they have twisted something that is used for mental and physical health into something that is at odds with their religion. Someone pls explain?
There is absolutely NO religious intent behind most forms of Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, etc. So WTH??
Christians have fabricated all sorts of nonsense about Tai Chi like it is some sort of satanic worship or something. Do a google for “Tai Chi madness” or “qui gong madness” and you’ll see what I mean.

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Because they are all tied to eastern philosephies/religions. which open the possibility of demonic influence.

June smiles

I think you are labeling too broadly. I think most Christians would agree those activities are wonderful. No contradiction practicing any of that with being a Christian.

fokker - it's an airplane!

Wierd – I have never heard of us being opposed to this (maybe I just didn’t get the memo.)
Anywho – It’s ok with me.

mommy of two boys

Im christian and have nothing against all the especially the physical aspect of it and to be healthy although im not athletic so dont do that but im not sure about the mental health part maybe because to me i feel for my mental health praying and being right with the lord and talking to him helps me mentally and nothing else will but im not sure exactly cause i see nothing wrong with it and if i was more athletic and fit i may do one of those to stay that way hopefully this helps

James D

What you talking about boy? I’m christian and i’m all for it. Christians who are not for it, are not really christian. God loves EVERYONE.

Life is hard X[

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never heard of Christians being against Tai Chi/yoga/Zen mediation.


Not all of them are. I’m not and I am a christian. However I believe that all spirituality, whether theistic or meditative, is birthed from the purest place of our humanity; our souls. And anything that comes from the soul is of God, no matter where in the Earth it was born.
But when it comes to beliefs of paradise vs damnation, like Christianity, Mormonism and Islam, the believers of these religions tend to believe doctrine whole heartedly and shut out all other forms of spirituality, as a way of simplifying their beliefs and shielding themselves from the fear that they may be wrong. Because lets face it, we live by faith not fact. But I believe we are stronger for this.
But I would argue that prayer, is a form of meditation. It is not Zen, but it resembles it. It calms the mind and eases the stresses of the body. It allows one to Transcend themselves, just like other meditations. And those who speak earnestly in tongs, practice the same ritual that Buddhist monks practice when they meditate in Ohms. So if you think about it, they are not shutting out meditation completely, they are just using a different form of it.
Be careful not to generalize people. Thinking Christians are all the same is not accurate. Though we all read the same bible, our beliefs differ vastly depending on our spiritual and social outlooks on life.


I’ve found the same while practising martial arts, mostly with Jehovah’s witnesses and others who go to extremes (the coming to your door bible bashing kind) the decent mind their own business Christians cause no problems in fact they usually want to watch and learn, but the ones that like to waste their lives forcing their beliefs on others tend to be nuts about it.


The best and most detailed readings that I have found regarding a Chinese man and his experiences with Chi Kung can be read at http://chinaforjesus.com/resources/qigong/index.htm
Hsaio Guang grew up and learned various chi kung exercises, and became a very high level practitioner with abilities to heal others with his energies.
Guang describes his achievements and failures, paranormal phenomenon, chi kung insanity or madness, experiences with demonic entities and finally his conversion to Christianity.
Whether one identifies oneself with Christianity or not, there are many stories and examples of his that are though provoking and make you look at Chi Kung and some of the spiritual implications of it.


The Lord is very clear about mixing even a small portion of things that are not to His glory with His glory. Would you eat a chocolate cake that had only one milligram of dog poop in it? “Be HOLY for I am Holy saieth the Lord.” The word “holy” means separate. It means being totally and 110% for God. The God of the Bible makes it very clear: there is only one true God and only One Son of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. Not all religions are the same, they don’t all teach the same things. Taoism and Buddhism are both false religions. They are not true and they are not compatible with Christianity. Therefore true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ choose NOT to practice anything that contains even a milligram of falsehood in it. Therefore Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Kung, and any other martial art directly connected to a false religion is to be avoided by true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only savior and Lord.

Younis Fakhfakh

Taoism and Zen properly understood are not strictly speaking religions. They are philosophies which include practises. I myself am an atheist, practise Martial Arts, and find huge insight in the Tao Teh Ching and various Zen texts. I do not believe in Gods or demons or the suprnatural


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