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Why are christians afriad of "the third eye"?

Im a deeply devout christian. But I don’t think “the third eye” or those able to see spirits are evil at all. I believe its a gift from God to people he has chosen to have them. I think people are just afraid. The Lord has blessed me ad he has not punished me for believing in what I have just said. If you say Il pray for you to those who claim to have psychic abilities, I hope you pray that God guides them to use them for paths of light. God Bless everyone.


  1. Do you honestly believe God so cruel as to let the spirits of the dead wander around earth for an unspecified period of time for no good reason?
    I am not afraid, I just think there is no such thing.

  2. Why would you say that? The spirit of divination was from the devil, not God. God does not want us partaking of such things as Christians.

  3. The third eye is a chakra. Christianity doesn’t divulge into spirituality in ways like that. Chakras are just steps to enlightenment. I don’t see what someone’s problem would be.

    • third eye is a gift from god,2 of our familly have it even me and my uncle we got it from our grandma’s father my grandma’s father said they’ve sean a flying white lady following them,creepy right?

  4. There are no psychics, gods, ghosts, gremlins, spirits, devils, demons, magic or anything else that goes bump in the night.

  5. I think “the third eye” was laid to rest as a proposition when I was a boy.
    I would love to hear of any psychic phenomena that passes scrutiny. I would love to believe, BUT ……. it’s crap.

  6. My ex-wife used to guzzle vodka and after a while she would look at me like I had three eyes and say “Here’s looking at you kid.” I guess she was one of those who were able to see evil spirits (Vodka spirits)

  7. Because if you trace the “third eye” and really research it it all comes up to that it’s the eye of the devil it’s all to do with the. Masons research the truth about the masons and it tells all

  8. I don’t think it is reasonable to consider people to be afraid of every thing that they reject. I don’t know what you mean by “third eye”, but if you claim to have an ability to interact with spirits, I think you should be very careful to do so only in a way that is very careful to avoid evil spirits. You say you are a devout Christian. If you read the Bible, especially the New Testament, it is clear that when non-physical spirits are mentioned, they are usually evil.
    The only exception to that is the appearance of angels, and the appearance of angels described in The Bible is always due to the actions of God and the angels. It is not something initiated by humans. For that reason, I think you probably should not purposely attempt to see or interact with what you call spirits.
    I am not rejecting the possibility that you might be able to see or in some way interact with spirits, but I am saying that in doing so you may be subjecting yourself to influences of evil against which you may not be prepared to defend yourself. I think you should always pray very sincerely for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in such matters, and I think it is essential that you steadfastly avoid any sense of personal pride about this. Pride and arrogance are among the worst things that can cloud our judgment. I can’t tell from what you wrote if pride is an especially strong temptation for you, so I am raising this point only for your further consideration.
    I am Roman Catholic.
    Peace be with you.

  9. The third eye can have serious consequences on a persons life . Imagine a city with in a city . or a world within a world with life forms not human – not ghosts – not angels . You might be confusing divine powers with psychic abilities – they are two different things . You might consider spiritual guidance . Enough said.

  10. The 3rd eye is an occult term. but there are christians who have this gift to be able to see int the spiritual realm for the purpose of spiritual warefare. It is also linked with the gift of discernment where the Holy Spirit leads through the power of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no need for fear but fear of God alone. With Jesus on your side I dont see a problem with this gift.

  11. Thank you so much for writing this. I was blessed with this gift earlier this year, and it is not one I sought out. I didn’t even know what “the third eye” was.
    The third eye did reveal demons, but it didn’t bring them to me. It simply revealed their presence in my life. It’s also revealed warnings, and wonderful things as I began to change my worldly selfish way of life. The third eye has brought me closer to God, and put me at odds with the devil. I’m pretty sure prayer is what led me to it in the first place.

    • I agree with your comments as I went into our chapel for a communion service and as I sat praying to my Lord, the third eyes was opened for me. I had a vision of a face at peace without gender. Only when my mind questioned what I was seeing did the vision disappear.
      I have experienced spiritual growth in my life and follow the guidance of my Lord God who is always with me. So much has changed in my life thanks to spirituality. There are still aspects I need to work on but with God’s help, I will become a better person.

  12. Well I’m 15 and I am quite lost in My sense if Christianity and Spirituality , So Today i started to Research “The Third Eye” because i thought it would be a source of enlightenment and a way of getting to god. When i started my research the 3rd eye seemed like a good thing and i was ready to begin the Steps towards opening it but then i started to research the links between Christianity and the 3rd eye. I came a across a few blogs that explained it too me and They said how the third eye open up realms into a sought of spiritual world were you see things for what they really are from what i read there were some benefits from opening the 3rd eye but the other effects out weighed these small benefits . When you open the 3rd eye you are vulnerable to all sorts of demonic spirits by opening this your letting them through , the enlightenment promised from this act is deceitful man has business in these realms because we are not strong enough to not be lead astray . By opening the third eye for a Christian you are playing with fire , its sort of like a short cut to get to Christ and Its not the way . It says in the bible the only way to get to the father is through god not through the 3rd eye .When you access these realms you your vulnerable to Satan , In it also says in the bible that Satan comes as Light and when people say they have opened the the third eye they say they have seen the Light in a sense Satan is that light when you open the 3rd eye you are opening your self to that light. The eye is Closed for a reason i would recommend you keep it closed .

  13. Key word GIFT!!! Not sought but given! We all have gifts given directly from God. The devil offered Jesus gifts but he turned them down. Just because it’s offered doesn’t mean we should take it! God the Father gave him better. Wait for God or ask God to reveal to you your better. If it is your gift glory be to God for it!

  14. Its because the higher ups of mainstream christianity use the word of God for their own selfish ends so they have demonized the third eye because they know anyone that opens it will see through their bullshit. My parents were very devout with their church but i was never interested because i could tell something was off. Fearing for my soul i prayed to God that i just know the truth. He opened my third eye himself (i never once used meditation) and i saw the truth of the world

  15. I am a Christian myself and didn’t meditate or anything its more of a curse really you get used to it. (kool thing is I can walk around with my eyes closed) I guess but the demons and astral creatures not to mention the damn ET’s are so annoying they are trying to ruin my glow and make it dark.. It doesn’t glow bright anymore at least not that my eyes can see but I can still see it my aura or whatever you want to call it I’m a Christian so if you were to ask me I’d call it the holy spirit. But anyways I need help cleansings myself of these creatures because they seem to try to latch on to me I need all the prayers I can get god forgive me if you wanted me to stay silent. Contact me need guidance

    • i am christian myself i have the holy spirit in my heart but i started on my adventures with faith and love but satan can’t stop us from receving form god’s embrace

    • Haven’t opened my pineal gland but if you want to walk in the light you should obey God’s commandments. God purchased righteousness for us and we are the only ones that can take it off. The devil can’t take away our righteousness, so put it back on and wear it like the child of God that God made you to be.

    • Hi, you need deliverance in the name of Jesus. Please look up online for deliverance ministries and find a local pastor that can help you. There would be no condemnation. Also I recommend Derek prince on YouTube for spiritual gifts. You will be baptized in the Holy Spirit and you will have the authority to cast out and destroy all demons.

    • Hi need any help please!
      I’m Christian and God recently opened my pineal gland I didn’t ask for it what so ever. Yes when I close my eyes I see spirits at night… And I see images too when I open my eyes now. Id rather see them when my eyes are closed…I’m just not used too it… I just know it will be a huge responsibility. How do you operate?

      • God did not open your third eye..it is Satan! You have awakened Kundalini and his demons. Please do not experiment. Ask God to forgive you from idolatry (worshipping another god) and pray that these demons leave. Christians do not operate with Charkas and third eyes. I have worked with many Christians that got involved with Reiki and the occult and now they are torments and full to demonic spirits. The bible says nothing about a third eye…that is Hinduism.

  16. I am a Christian also and I have recently had my third eye start opening… I’d say it’s partially open but not fully yet. I have used DMT in the past (knowing good and well what most mainstream Christians would think about that) but I knew I was going into potentially dangerous waters so I prayed for protection from God and got it! Ever since then my third eye has been slowly activating a little more each day, and I DEDICATED my third eye to God (YHWH) and asked Him to allow me to see everything for the truth of what it really is, but to seal and shield my third eye/pineal gland from evil. I felt Him speak to my heart that He was shielding it from Satan’s control but would still allow me to see everything if I wish… He said it was my choice, that He would grant me that ability if I wanted it but it would involve a tremendous burden that I’d have to carry for the rest of my life as the price I’d have to pay for seeing the truth, knowing something that few people around the world, and very few Christians even would know or believe. I chose to accept that offer from Him and I have faith that He is bringing that process about. I have been eating a super clean diet 90% of the time and have been doing many “pineal detox” things as well. When I meditate it is only looking behind closed eyes, I don’t chant or try to contact spirits or anything. I just pray to God while doing it and watch for whatever might appear behind closed eyes. I often draw a cross across my forehead as well with my finger to signify my mind and mind’s eye being dedicated to Christ/YHWH only.
    May God guide, protect and enlighten you all with His wisdom and truth daily. Peace!

    • I am so scared to open my 3rd eye my sister was born with hers open and she says its super scary which made my fear worse I really want to open it cause life is just sports boring any advice

    • Thank you for sharing this important information, it is exactly what I had been praying for.
      As a Christian and powerful Prayer warrior, I realized I had a gift from a Very young age (12yo) and although I did not know how to use it or what all this gift contained, in my heart I knew it was from my Heavenly Father; many of the things he showed me have come true; I am now 52 and an outreach minister, within the last 7 months and after a major car accident in which I hit my head so hard that I lost consciousness, feeling like I was pulled out of the wreck then put back, I feel that once again the Lord is guiding me to use this gift.
      You have given good advice for Christians to understand that you must focus on God at all times asking for his protection and not allow Satan to interfere of manipulate the work that God has set forth. ” So thank you again for sharing.” God bless you.

  17. I thought I was the only one that thought this. Like we have a pineal gland in our heads, it processes light images, yet we are suppose to let it go dormant. If you never had to do anything except read God’s word and pray and you received in, more than likely he opened it for a reason.God only opens it to those that he sees fit.You don’t need special dieting and vegan diets, because on the Bible he only says don’t eat anything deemed unclean. It’s up to God on who he wants to reveal such things to.

  18. As a Catholic, i can confirm of pressure between the eyes(maybe that’s the area of the third eye) and this is accompanied by the fire burning in my heart,truly amazing feeling. Now the Son truly sets one free through his blood but surely there are certain physical changes accompanied with it too and maybe this is one of them. Having researched on the topic,there are Indian priests who strictly advise against opening the third eye artificially .I guess it has more to do with ones spiritual state. If a worldly man of pleasure with wrong motives does this,it can result in disaster.This is just my limited understanding ,I can be totally wrong.

  19. Hi all, If anyone of you had your 3rd eye opened, just be aware, the devils are very intelligent and subtle. They can stay dormant for years and can give you tidbits to entice you enough to make you want to open all your chakra points to full blown possession. If you think so far no harm is done yet and you are safe, well think again because one false preacher opened mine and I was so naive to believe him and all hell broke loose as I already have giftings from God in certain areas. It was a full clash and I almost almost lost my sanity. So, please God in His Holy Bible , God had specifically mention it is an abomination. So, enter at your own risk and don’t cry and don’t blame God. It’s your choice, your decision. However, God is merciful, if you repent whole heartily, He is faithful & just to forgive. So, folks, it’s up to you.

  20. Wow! There are a lot of false (or ignorant) Christians in this forum. God does not give anyone a “Third Eye.” What I see described in here are demonic attacks, or even the person calling the demon to them. The “Third Eye” is demonic mysticism and the Bible strictly forbids all things dealing with contact with the spirit world, including mediums, necromancers, charmers, consulters of familiar spirits, those who inquire of the dead, fortune-tellers and diviners (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:9-14). Without the Holy Spirit, one has no power over these demonic entities and will have serious problems. Repent of your sins and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for only He can dispell the demons.


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