Home Discussion Forum Why are cats more advanced than dogs?

Why are cats more advanced than dogs?

Even Gurdjieff agrees, what are your reasons?

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  1. Because a dog is as smart as its owner, and depends on them for knowledge; whereas a cat is an independent animal, and has to be trained to do very little.

  2. Dogs have been…more domesticated than cats. So they are insanley smart…just…kind of reliant on humans because that is how they have been treated and …well…used for a very very long time.
    Cats are more independent. They don’t fully rely on humans for they’re well being.
    Sure there are some dogs that are wild and feral just as there are cats that are feral. But there are cats that couldn’t survive w/o humans and there are dogs that can’t either.
    Dogs choose to be loyal because that is how they’ve been raised.. Cats…well…it depends. Can you picture a wild and feral white persian??

  3. Cats are natrual born hunters from africa who domesticated themselves amoung the humans. Because the cat they are natually more indepentdant then that of the dog.

  4. all animals are smart, it’s just that cat’s are independent and they have a sharper sense then a dog, by the ears and the eyes, cat’s are just as annoying and hard-headed as dogs though, I know, I have a cat, and my sister has a dog. the cat likes to jump on everything and scratch it up.

  5. Why? I don’t know. I do know that I’ve trained my dog, but my cat has trained me. What exactly does Gurdjieef say re cats?

  6. cats more advanced??
    better pet?
    +better hearing ears vs goofy floppy ears
    +better eyesight vs dumb looking beady eyes
    +Flexible and useful front arms vs useless stiff legs
    +retractable claws vs ugly black nails permanently sticking out
    +can pounce, claw or bite
    +Soft fur, soft body vs almost spiky ruff fur and tough body
    +free anti mouse pest control
    +quiet and subtle meow vs annoying loud bark
    +shitty dog smell vs clean scentless cats
    +cleans self does not need bath vs unco filthy dependent dogs
    +cat litter = cat toilet vs shits everywhere and anywhere dogs
    +cats are funnier without even trying vs boring dogs
    dogs are hell primitive
    cats are more advanced and better pets
    i think so


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