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Why are Americans so f*****g thick. Been looking at you tube today. They are unbelievable?

they seem to have a hate wish on anyone who tries to do good. Obama, Oprah, Blair………..Even Eckhart Tolle. Is it something in the food……..Or are they just so far up their own asses thatthey cant see the light???


  1. thick??? wat? obama is a puppet, oprah is a so rich and lonely, judgemental and what good is she really doing besides flaunting her money? these people are money hungry and wants more publicity!!! THEY REALLY DONT GIVE A DAM*

  2. Obama Is A Legend..Goggle Him N See
    N Im Scottish But Ive Been To America Several Times And All The people Were Really Nice

  3. haha nah because they spent all their time talking about religion and how homosexuals should die, basically they’re generally quite naive about life in general, in some states anyways

  4. I assure you the internet is a much, much stupider place than real life (and Youtube is much, much stupider than the rest of the internet).
    I can’t believe the kind of s**t I see on here, compared to the (mostly) pleasant and reasonable people I meet when I leave the house.

  5. I may have every reason to hate Americans but funny thing is i don’t. I think there are some really wonderful people in the US of A and the world genuinely is richer because of them. Of course there shall always be loonies and every continent has it’s share.

  6. The USA is one of the most racist places I’ve EVA lived!
    Countless times, I’ve seen A.A. progresss & they’re belittled or hated for doing good things for humakind!
    I don’t get it! It’s a shame SKIN color is the foundation of this country!

  7. Someone said America is the most racist place…..? I’ts also the most culturally rich place so prob goes hand in hand doesn’t it? Remember racism isn’t white on black, it comes in many forms. Some of us couldn’t care less what race someone is as it’s the norm and we look at peoples personalitys and actions rather than the colour of their skin or their accent. Tjis is such a generalisation, there are thick people everywhere and you tube is full of nutters doing crazy things. Some of the greatest people who ever lived are Americans.
    By the way I am English/ Irish

  8. It’s just the ones on You tube that are like that, if they weren’t like that they wouldn’t be entertaining.

  9. what you see is freedom of speech.
    it comes under I may not like what you say ,but i will defend your right to say it.
    Yes there is a lot of immaturity and fear expressed.
    There are always faction that will voice decent.
    But as a general overview, we over came or prejudice to elect a black president.
    Do to the electronic age and the internet, the apathy about what is going on in our capital, is of more interests to the masses
    When I was bemoaning the state of the US, my dad told me, he would give me a hiking pack send me to the southern tip of South america, If I found something I like better, stay there.
    I never really did. However I did travel to Japan Hong, Kong, Viet Nam, and other Asian countries.
    It gave me and appreciation what we have here in the US.


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