Home Discussion Forum why are all the questions on RandS on the SAME 3 religions?

why are all the questions on RandS on the SAME 3 religions?

why do yall only talk about the same religions on r and s?
Paganism, Wicca, Shamanism and all those more spiritual religions are mentioned in myths and fantasy they are religion too…
just any insights as to why older religions are called myths when other religions are considered myths… has freedom of RELIGION really come down to freedom of Christianity? Or am I reading too much into this?
I kinda lump all monotheistic religions into one neat category in my book they all lead to the same god and Atheism is lack of a religion and Agnosticism is confusion (I am technically agnostic)
but I was talking about the earth religions and Native religions
to ZAROVE E- first off I’d like to say THANK YOU
I can’t tell you how many times I had heard “How could you be a satanist if you don’t believe in god?”
but I don’t think Wicca is older than Christianity… I know it’s not in fact, I consider it a joke because girls do it just for power (read it in Teen Vogue and I think 17)
Sorry if I mentioned Wicca but I had just read an answer and it said Wicca… Paganism from my studies was (one of) the first real religions
Just wanted to clear that up… I didn’t mean WIcca and I may have missed other religions being on here but I am usually in Mythology that’s why I figured all that you guys talk about are atheism and Christianity


  1. Yes, I’d say that some people forget that there are religions other than main stream Christianity… people also sometimes forget that people who aren’t white are people… that women are people… that animals are living creatures… humans are very biased.

  2. It’s the power of uncontrolled breeding in some religions that boosts the number of adherents into becoming a majority.

  3. I think you may be reading too much into it. Chistianity takes a lot of hard blows here. Many don’t even know what it is..instead of people learning from each other here it seems they like bash instead and then no one ever learns about anyone else.

  4. I’ve had lots of talks on Wicca and other forms of Paganism here.
    Religions that I’ve seen questions on:
    Jehovah’s Witness,
    Christian Science,
    Dianic Wicca,
    Christian Wicca,
    and more.
    I’d say that the ratio of questions at least roughly represent the population of those who follow them.

  5. Only our Lord exists, that’s why. All other gods are by definition false. Stop trying to reason something that you can only feel in your heart. Embrace God and forgo bland logic, it only gets you into trouble. Look at those stupid religions; they’re all dead. Get with the flow man, Christianity is so totally in.

  6. Well, if you have questions about Wicca or other earth religions perhaps you should just ask. The majority usually determines the questions asked and the answers given.

  7. Maybe you’re coming in at the wrong time. I see loads of questions about wicca and paganism…not so much shamanism…but they are discussed here. Plus maybe the majority of people here are either Christians or atheist or whatever so that’s what gets discussed the most.
    Plus, don’t worry too much about it, cuz most of this site is the fundies and the atheists b****ing at each other all day, anyway.

  8. Their are A few poitns of fact, that you seem to get wrong.
    For one, you say Atheism is a lack of religion. But, this is true only if you define Religion as Beleif in a deity. Religion is not, however, a synonym for Theism, which is to say that beelif in a god is not a religion, and lack of beleif in a god is not the same thing as lack of a religion. Not all Religions are Theistic, as some forms of Buddhism can show you. Buddhism is areligion but doens’t requiore a beleif in a god. Satanism, of the LaVayan variety, is also a religion that is Atheistic, as is Humanism, though a lot of Humansist like to say they arne’t a Religion. ( SOmething their own foundeds said it was.)
    Another misconception is that Wicca is older than Christianity, which is not true. Wicca is a new religion foudne din the mid 20th Century by Gerald Gardner. This is a well documented fact, andnay claim to antiquity from aWiccan, usually acompanyign claism of Persecution by the nebulous Christian Churhc and accusatiosn fo the non-existant Burnign times, is simply fabricated.
    Indeed, much of Neo-Paganism is just as new.
    And the reason it is not accorded the same respect as other religions is because Wicca is not mainstream, nor is Neo-Paganism, and htye are larlgey undefined movements based on fantasy claims about History and expressing no absolute teahcings on any given sybject, and only being nebulous in regards ot formal theology.
    That said, you have said yourself you where lumpign all Monotheistic religiosn togather, but this is not viable, and is worth noting. Islam and Judaism, respectively, shoudln’t be considered the same as Christianity, thoughthey are related,and other Mnotheistic religions do exist besides those three, such as some varients of Hinduism. (Hinduism is famous as a Polytheistic religion but soem varients do exist that are Polytheistic.)
    So, to answer your queastion, I’d say it sbecause Wicca, which has no real formal theology and is largly bae don a false history is not taken seriously.


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