Why are a lot of images of the Buddha Shakyamuni feminine?

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I have wondered this for a long time and have noticed femine characteristics on buddha such as breasts, thin finger and general posture.

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Buddha's Bodyguard

I don’t know where the images that YOU have been looking at are from but most of the budda images I have seen are not like that.


No idea duckky

Mawkish Meretrix

There are many symbolic ‘marks’ that the Buddha images have. For example, long ears, a third eye (dot), hair in a bun etc. All these ‘marks’ represent part of the Buddha’s enlightened character (Buddha-nature).
The image of the Buddha is not to be taken as a literal image of the person Siddartha Gautama.
Also, as far as an enlightened being is concerned, what IS gender but a temporary state of the body?
Take a look at this link:


It is about sex. And yes, sex is part of a lot of ancient religions.


Feminine looks normally because it shows like a mother. Mother is more caring than the father. Like a symbol of a mother.
I have questions on Christian’s angel statues as well. Why most of them are feminine? Angels doesn’t wear clothes covering them up like the Buddha? No offense. Been wondering about this for ages. Even I look at it, I feel ashamed.


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