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Why am I thinking of reincarnation so much?

Ever since I saw this Indian Movie Om Shanti Om…Ive been thinking about it sooo much Why how do I stop? My religion believes that it is fake but I want to stop thinking about it HELP!!!

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Even though most movies are very influential,
what percentage would you say are true?
You say your religion is against the belief
of reincarnation, yet, you went ahead and saw
this movie anyway. Next you’ll likely be trying
out the Ouija board and become possessed
by even more evil spirits.
Let God’s word be your guide, it will help you
keep free of faulty thinking.


Which religion is that? Anything to do with the Bible? Do extensive research and you’ll discover many things were changed/left out of the Bible in the days of Emperor Justinian. (research Fifth Ecumenical Council or Second Council of Constantinople.) Explore The Catholic Encyclopedia regarding the Fifth Ecumenical Council. You’ll see that before this council, there was evidence that suggested reincarnation. {There still is, depending on interpretation.)

But if it’s bothering you…then stop thinking about it. [g] Esp if you are happy in your faith.


Don’t worry. Their is no such thing as “reincarnation.” After death you either go to heaven or hell whether you have accepted Jesus Christ. Please pray a sincere prayer with all of your heart admitting to Jesus you are a sinner. Have FULL faith that His blood pays off all of your sins and accept His gift of everlasting life. I pray that God is kind to you. Amen.


Well, Why not investigate it and make your own decision. What sort of proof do you have that “your” religion is the right one?

Ned Flanders

Push those sinful thoughts to the back of the ol’ coconut and get to church, prontiddly-onto!

Keir O

Think about it, consider it, decide whether YOU (not your religion) believe it true, if you decide it to be false then it will stop nagging yout, if you decide it to be true reconsider your beliefs accordingly.

Zac 117

Why does it matter if you think of it? And you’re only thinking of it because the movie made you curious, it’s not a big crisis calm down.


Wishful thinking? That’s all it is.

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