why am I starting to see auras?

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I have been seeing colors around objects and people off and on for the past several months.I haven’t noticed anything different that I may be doing to cause this.Just today I was writting a check and from my hands I saw the color of orangeish yellow almost stain the check. I then took my hand of of the check I was writting ans placed it on my thigh and I saw the same colors.Has this happened to anyone? Why is this happening now? I have also been noticing sparks of blue or bright flashes around me and sometimes lights flicker.What is going on with me??

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If it’s real, you are blessed. Just be careful that there is not something wrong with your eyes.
The thing with the check, would you stil have seen yellow on your thigh if you looked at it without the check?
Do you wear contacts?


wow that is amazing
i think you might truely have a gift.

Sherry F

Sounds like you are experiencing an spiritual awakening.

Mo Fayed

Migraine possibly. If you are getting visual effects like that you should check things out with a doctor. It is more likely to be something not right with you, than a secret sign that you are the ‘chosen one’ or a fairie-child.


It started happening to me too. I think it is pretty cool, but annoying at times. All it means is that you are more attuned to nature than most people. It can really help in life if you know how to read the colors. You can tell if people are lying and have bad intentions.
I say embrace it and work on making your “gift” stronger.
Go to this site, it had a lot of things that helped me when i started seeing them:
best of luck!!


The same thing happened to me and I can throw fireballs now.


You have a gift and it can be very useful. By using this you can tell if a person is good or bad just by looking at them.I suggest studying the different meanings of the colors of the auras and putting it to use.


You could also be experiencing mini-seizures or some other disruption to the blood flow or electrical flow in your brain. The next time you see your family doctor, be sure to mention that you see auras so they can keep an eye out for anything physical that might be causing it.
An acquaintance in my college dorm started seeing auras around people and thought it was a spiritual awakening, until she had a grand mal seizure.


Seeing auras can be used in healing……Contact someone who has been doing this for years with an understanding of what to look for and learn
No one said you would be born with it …but some are……but it didn’t become strong enough until now…..Help people heal


sounds good and i wouldnt worry. god bless you. betty.


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