Why am i so scared of astral travel? please help. be serious?






Why am i so scared of astral travel? please help. be serious?
i think i get sooo close but i get SO scared! it just turns black and it feels like i fade into nothing… its just my thoughts and its pitch black and im afraid to go any further. its just so irrational for me to be this scared! any suggestions 🙁 also, what are some signs that you are about to leave? my legs felt CRAZY. it felt like someone was stomping in the room and making them vibrate like crazy.


  1. If you are not ready to go, do not go.
    You need to know how to protect yourself, and your body that you leave behind. You need to be strong enough to take care of any “visitors.” And, be able to get back if anything bad does happen.
    Usually it doesn’t, but it can, and you may need a guide, or more training before you try.

  2. There’s no such thing. After prolonged meditation, you might have an out of body feeling, but that’s probably just due to prolonged deprivation of outside stimulation or lack of oxygen or hyperventilating.Whatever, its so not real. You’re going nowhere, honey, so no point in being afraid.

  3. Fear happens when you think something bad will happen to you. But if it’s your first time, it’s natural to be scared.
    Just know, you can’t get harmed…. there is nothing to fear.
    Once you have overcome your fear, it will be easier for you to AP.
    When you try AP’ing next, just let everything and anything happen to you. Of course if it’s painless.
    Everyone has different signs (sentations, vibrations, etc) of when you are about/going to leave the body.

  4. “If you fear anything,..
    no matter what it is ,…
    you will not be successful @ it,..
    that fear is a sign,…you are not experienced,..
    @ what your are doing,…and or your just not ready,…
    leave it alone,….or find someone to help you master
    your fear through meditation,..and or both prayer,…
    take care”,..peace”,…..

  5. It could be in the distant past someone told you terrible things would happen too you if you engaged in this devil worship, witchcraft, unchristian practice or perhaps someone just recounted a bad experience they had, perhaps this kind of memory is locked away causing a little suppressed fear in you. What you need is one positive experience of your own to counter these thought. Believe me you have already accessed the astral dimension, you have as of yet not done so with being able to bring the memory back with you. Your fear of the unknown is a good safety measure, however at some point you will have too leave the cave. Our ancestors eventually got feed up hiding out in caves and went out into the world, I do not say this mockingly, but to point out that work on the astral plan is a valuable part of developing your soul, it takes courage as one successful trip is going to change how you perceive the entire universe for the rest of your life. Many things will stay the same for you, but some will have changed forever. Naturally that sort of change/challenge is something to be concerned about. A little like going in for surgery. but it is not ultimately anything to be scared off. You readily fall asleep each night certain that you will awake in the morning, and astral travel is equally as safe, any challenges or fear you might encounter on the astral will essentially prove to be incredible growth opportunities for you. Remember though is the foundation stone of creation.
    Some of the pre-flight experiences might be noises, the sensation of the bed shaking, yes legs trembling, buzzing in the head the list could go on – my guess is, it is this point that is causing the fear, but rest assure if you relax and stay focused on exiting your body you will quickly lift off so to speak, at this point you should move away from your terrestrial body and begin exploring, as early trips tend to be somewhat short, absolutely nothing harmful in anyway will become you. You now have the entire universe to explore and a multi-dimensional one at that! What you bring back will enrich your life and grow your soul. Good luck.
    If you have not done so I would recommend reading three or four different books on astral travel such as Robert Bruce’s “Astral Dynamics’, William Buhlman’s ‘Adventures Beyond the Body’ Mark Stavish’s ‘Between the Gates’ and Donald Tyson’s ‘Soul Flights’ are just a few good one. I would stay away from anything picked up at in the dentists waiting room or put out by Readers Digest you want quality good first hand experience to help you. And don’t worry about failing the first few times, there is absolutely no doubt that in the end you will succeed.
    One thing I did when first starting out was to be sure to do a full relaxation in bed before going asleep, I also told myself to wake up at 3am (I always did) and then at that time I worked again on relaxing and trying to have a successful exit and astral trip. Any of the above books will give you good techniques and different techniques work well for different people. You will soon find the one that is best for you.
    Happy travels.

  6. Thank you so much or your insight.Im new at all this and it kinda frightens me as well.Ive been trying to do my research and im finding it to be very interesting.
    Im very afraid to let my soul go into the unknown.Just last night it was about to happen.I dont even have to think about it and it just happens,id say about every few months or so.
    Its the stranges sensation.My head vibrates and feels fuzzy and my heart starts to beat very fast.I was almost out of my body because i could literally hear my self breathing really fast and felt as if it wasnt even me and that my physical body was doing it all on its own..I wish i had the right words to explain it.I also started to feel myself rising and i got so scared i kept trying to wake myself up.I wish i could just go with the flow.I would really like to experience the whole astro traveling.Anyways i hope i can learn more about this whole thing and put my fears aside.Thank you

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