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Why am I not receiving guidance from my subconscious mind?

I used to “pray/meditate” a few minutes in the morning and then a few at night for a couple days and within a few days while pre-occupied with something else the answer would pop into my mind.
Over the past few months I have been praying for guidance about whether or not I should marry my girlfriend (with whom I was engaged for a while) but I do not get an answer, at least not one that I recognize.
I have asked for an answer that I would instantly recognize as the answer from my subconscious mind but nothing has come as of yet.
Any ideas as to what the problem is? Suggestions on how to receive guidance? I am using the techniques of Dr. Joseph Murphy I learned from his books on the subconscious mind.


  1. you are giving control of your life to God. God gave you a brain to use he did not mean for you to be totally relying on him for every decision in your life. Like a child you have been provided with a set of values and rules and you go out into the world and live your life within those boundaries. He meant you to stand on your own two feet and make decisions for yourself. Otherwise there would never have to have been such a thing as confession if he made everyones decisions for them.

  2. I have no answer either, but hope some pop up on here. When I was younger I got more guidance, now it doesn’t seem to happen. I keep wondering why there are so many stories about people who use different techniques sucessfully.

  3. maybe your missing the signs or maybe not getting a answer is your answer, maybe you should wait to ask her to marry you. you will know when its right


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