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Why am I astral projecting like crazy?

I moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago, and when I am in deep rest I am astral projecting a lot. I am projecting into nearby houses, parks, etc. as I can clearly see where I am, sometimes with an aerial view. It is a very familiar feel when I walk around my new neighborhood I feel like I’ve been to some places before.


  1. Mayhaps you’re consuming too much fiber? Maybe you ought to slow down on the Colon Blow. That will clear up your problem right quick.

  2. New place, new environment…
    you probably don’t have time to accommodate transition so your mind does it for you by insisting it explore and then deciding “been here before”.

  3. It could be that the magnetic field in your new apartment is more conducive to it. Other environmental factors can play a factor too.
    Lastly, I envy you. Have fun projecting.

  4. Typical christian perspective on this question:
    “That kind of thing is absurd. You may be crazy. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go talk to my invisible friend Jesus.”


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