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Why am I a magnet to people who have very negative energy/aura?

People who are depressed, sad, have extremely difficult problems, childhood trauma, suicidal etc??? I’m the exact opposite. I am happy, grew up in a very loving environment, optimistic, spiritual and people say I go around with a “light” that shines outside of me. I mean, it’s quite sad that I meet these people who’ve had a bad start in life and most of it is not even their fault. As much as I try to avoid this, I just seem to keep attracting these types of people everywhere I go. I want to attract more people like me.


  1. Well if you’re the opposite, maybe they see you as someone that could help them to become more positive and help them with their problems. I know this can be hard for you, but i think you’re meant to help these types of ppl to become more and more happy and positive.
    I’m kinda the same way, everyone around me is the exact opposite of the way I am.

  2. sometimes we meet someone totally different with us because that’s what they need..
    those people always want someone who will listen to what they feel.
    dont feel too bad about it they are just humans like you. everything have purpose why people meet even both are in totally different world.

  3. It is only logical, that, if they know about auras or not, people with any kind of troubles will always search the presence of someone who might offer some light.
    Could it be you are in the wrong places too much, places where negative like to go? (Best example would be the internet – no joke.)
    I hope you will find some positive people, but learn how to keep the real balance between distance and getting envolved, neither turning down others nor the opposite will make you happy.

  4. I’m the same way, but guess what? They now act more positive and optimistic, their problems are still there, but the pain they once expressed when talking about them is gone. That then makes me even more optimistic and allows us all to grow and share happiness with everyone.

  5. Run! I am the same way and believe me when I say, they want to suck the life out of you. Granted, they may see/feel your positive energy, but in the long run, people must first acknowledge their flaws/addictions in order to get help and in most instances, these negative people would never own-up to their short comings. by the time they are finished with you, you won’t know who you are.
    Find the light in this world and gravitate towards that. If someone truly wants to be better they will find a way to the light.

  6. maybe you should look up psychic protection methods… its a great way to keep psychic vampires away!! also have you ever thought your purpose in life is to help peoples light shine because theirs has been broken? remember, we get the same tests I life, again and again and again till we get it right.

  7. I’m the same. I used to think I was a little selfish for thinking like that. You know, everyone has their problems, I have mine, and I always saw a brighter side to everything, but the people around me didn’t. And I was frustrated, because a great part of my life I spent on trying to make these people feel better, and show them that everything can end up well and they refused to see it. Now I just think I NEED to be with these people, help them. Half of my friends are really negative people, but I’m always there for them, even if it’s just to make them smile a little bit, or have really long conversations about their problems. But I don’t complain about it anymore.

  8. I feel like there is something wrong with me. I’ve had multiple friendships end badly and relationships end badly. I don’t know what I keep doing wrong but it seems like I can’t keep anyone around. So as a result of these past situation I don’t make new friends and I don’t put myself out there in the dating world.


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