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Whos The Smartest Democrat Or a Republican?

Which of these substances is the most dangerous poison?
2 Prussic acid
3 Ethanol
4 Methane
What is the chemical formula of quartz?
1 SiO2
2 CO2
3 CO
4 UO2
What is used as the electrolyte in the lead-acid battery?
1 Hydrochloric acid
2 Sulfuric acid
3 Hydrofluoric acid
Chlorides are…
1 the salts of the hydrochloric acid
2 the salts of the hydrofluoric acid
3 the salts of the sulfuric acid
4 the salts of the nitric acid
Where are galvanic elements used?
1 in windows
2 in doors
3 in concrete walls
4 in batteries
What is the name of clear quartz in mineralogy?
Rock crystal
Milk quartz
What is the chemical formula of potassium cyanide?
Which part has the smartest person? ME
I dont expect a lawyer and a student to answers these question cause its chemistry not legal or being a F+ student.
ah if you cant answer this question then go somewere else and this is what i study.
dont be a homogenious and try to attack me. cause i always win


  1. prussic acid inhibits o2 saturation in animals (iffy on this one)
    sulfuric acid=lead-acid bat.
    hydrochloric acid=chlorides
    galv elements=batteries
    rock crystal=clear qurts
    kcn=potas cyn
    Haven’t seen these Q’s since college 16 yrs ago. Had to take 2 yrs of chem!
    Not sure if all right but Ima repub!

  2. A. ?
    B. 1 Silicone Dioxide SiO2
    C. 3 Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 sometimes becomes H2 & FeSO4 when iron is introduced, can cause minor explosion, destroying battery. Use to happen when people added wated to their batteries.
    D. 1 HCl
    E. Galvanized metals, so lots of applications. Steel 2x4s
    F. Rock Crystal
    G KCN

  3. Do you expect people to know all this? In other words, if a democrat answered all these questions and a republican couldn’t, would it really make the democrat “smarter?” in my opinion, no. this is just random trivial facts, and the intelligence of a person i based on much of a higher level than that of your test. personally, i don’t think it matters, frankly, a bit whether or not somebody can answer this question right. if a democrat took an extensive chemistry course and could answer all this crap, would that make the entire democrat group smarter? no–this is based on simple memorization and has nothing to do with political parties.

  4. Intelligence comes in many different areas. U.S. Grant was a brilliant strategist but graduated last in his class at West Point. You maybe a brilliant chemist but unable to match you clothes correctly. Being condescending is a sure sign of true stupidity.

  5. That’s education not intelligence. If you were actually intelligent you would pose a better question. I could teach a dog to pick the correct answer.Republicans are known to be as a party more intelligent. The democrats are lovers and think with their hearts. Unless they need an abortion. Most of these questions are easy.Anyone in here could ask you a question you could not answer. Although citrines occur naturally the vast majority are created by heating amethyst.which mostly comes from Brazil. The vugs are mined in tact from in the ground. But sometimes the gem covered cavities are as big as a car and have to be broken up to remove. 16 years gold miner and rock hound. interesting you stuck to quartz the most common of minerals.Aluminum ozide orA12o3 is much more interesting.And no i didn’t look anything up unlike yourself.


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