Who's the community that has the higher state of consciousness?

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Often Buddhists, and followers of many other Dharmic religions, because they strive for knowledge and understanding, instead of accepting everything their told and condemning all others.




Though I will not bother to lay proof, I say The Lore. Others will shout louder and many will give explanations and proofs. I only know, what I know.

Italy Dude

the roman catholic church


Where can I find a good psychic medium in Kansas (close to Overland Park)?

I want to find a medium in Kansas but I don;t want to go to one that is a fake.

why do some think that aura readings are special?

most people see auras from time to time, hell, even i do. followed by a migraine after of course, but it still counts! no...

If a Girl band sings these lyrics Would you say gay?

I just got into this German band there all girls, I know I might have said this question few minutes before but I just...

how do people get negative energies?

A person all sudden attracting/having so much misfortunes/sadness/stress in hes life?Why?If its negative energies..how did he get it?...how to get rid of them?

On many websites, I have read that people who have dabbled in the occult ?

Many people who have been influenced by demons have a hatred for the bible, God and Jesus. Whenever you mention them they get really...
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