whos had past life regression ?

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and how do u do it on ur own? I mean i dont want to go to anyone, but i would like to recall..

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There is no such thing as past lives.. No need to regress.


Not sure, but i know that the Bible states that God knew us before we were born. I believe this because, I know that I was with God before I was born to my parents.


Doing it to yourself would require self-hypnosis.
I’ve had it done once. I wasn’t impressed. I never felt like I was actually in any trance. The images that came to me seemed to just be random meanderings of a bored mind. There was absolutely nothing that happened that suggested I was seeing a previous life.
Another lady at the session saw herself as an African queen. Wow, what a shock…the people with the most vivid “recollections” just happened to see herself as important. Go figure.


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What exactly is meditation and how do you do it?

Also have you noticed any health benifiets from it? Have you noticed any difference in your levels of stress? What are the benifiets? Thanks!!!

has anyone ever heard of a clairvoyant named maria sarah from zurich switzerland?

i have recieved mail from her and need to know if she is legimate?

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