Home Discussion Forum Who's had a near death experience before?

Who's had a near death experience before?

Who’s had a near death experience before, and what did you experience (see, feel, observe, etc…) in that near death experience?
If you want to, please email or message me your experience.


  1. yeah
    just last week I was working on some pipes
    by the road and the bust
    I stepped back in front of a school bus
    that had to swerve around me
    I forgot I was standing in the road
    I real did feel anything but stupid and lucky

  2. Yes I did and I was with the LORD God on some tropical type setting. And I was there for what seemed like 6 hours and then when He showed me my room I went to sleep and woke up back here on the planet of the apes. It really was extremely awesome to say the least. ♥ ” ♥ ☺

  3. I fell from about 50 feet from a bridge when I was 10. I remember getting my lasts rights read to me at the Catholic hospital I was taken to (St Anthony’s in Pendleton OR) My family kept telling me not to be afraid as I was wheeled into surgery. The good news is that everyone expected me to die, as I did myself….and I was unafraid. This is most likely as a result of certain endorphins that were being released in my brain, as well as the calming effects of testosterone. Chemicals baby, there’s your white light and happy feelings…..which was fine with me.

  4. I have died twice and have come back.
    The first when I was about 7, I fell thru the ice behind my home and drown. I was under water for a long time and my brother fished me out and ran me back to the house. I remember watching the whole thing. I saw them rush me to the hospital and I was grey. My mother was a nurse and kept crying and saying there was no heartbeat and that I was dead. I remember going down the hall to the ER and they stopped my family at the door. I heard the Doctor say I was a lost cause but to warm me up and try anyway and that little kids are resilient. All this was sevearl rooms from where my parents and family were but I went to them to try and comfort them and tell them I was OK. I remember a man came to me and said it was time to go with him and I would be OK. He walked me back to the room and said to go back to my body. I remember the agony of coming back and I told the doctor ” I guess I wasn’t a lost cause huh?” and saw his face turn white. He asked me what I was talking about and I relayed what I had seen. He said I must not have been dead and I told him what my parents said and he went and confirmed it. He was an atheist before I met him but became a believer for the remainder of his life. My parents were also non-believers and I changed them. I was not raised with religion at all and don’t know who the man was. I just know he was nice and he made me feel warm and comfortable.
    The second time I died was in Iraq when my humvee was blown to bits and I lost my leg and several friends. I was dead for several minutes and remember seeing the action going on but no one came to me that time. I think they are just there to comfort the young but not sure. Maybe since it was my second time they knew I would be OK. My buddies that died with me were there but we all knew there was no returning for them. Their bodies were too damaged.
    The return to the body is quite painful and I didn’t want to go back the second time. I just knew I had to and it wasn’t my time yet.


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