Who's ever had the Old Hag?

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I never have but my Father and Grandfather have. For my Dad someone was standing on his bed and he couldn’t move and for my Pop it’s always white blankets are smothering him
The “Old Hag” is Newfoundland folklore for sleep paralysis.
Yep that’s the Old Hag.

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My husband suffers from sleep paralysis and swears it is a ghost. I have seen him before in the middle of it. Actually, I have seen him do it several times. He tries to fight and scream but he can’t move or talk. I have to talk to him very calmly and try to wake him without startling him. It has something to do with waking up part way during a dream but your nervous system is still shut down because your nervous system sleeps with you to keep you from acting out your dreams. That is why people can’t move or talk and they think they see something on them.

BadBeast is, once again, a

It told me it was the Archangel Gabriel, almost scared the life out of me. Couldn’t speak or even move, for what seemed hours. I don’t know where they got the idea Angels were beautific from! They is big time scary!


Yes several times as a child, it has diminished over time, not a pleasant experience.


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