Who would you rather get stranded at sea with: a Shaman, Atheist, or Priest?





To make it interesting:
A pedophile Priest (the sacrament makes him feel giddy)
A lunatic Shaman (drank to much sea water)
A rambling Atheist (obnoxious and wont shut up)


  1. The atheist. The Shaman could get dangerous on account of being a loonie, and I would have to kill the priest. I could always correct the behaviour of the yapping dog.

  2. I’ll take the Shaman hopefully he drank enough seawater to jump over board and drown then I can have my thoughts to myself.

  3. The shaman: does not believe that Jesus died and rose again for him, and tries to save himself by sacrificing you
    An Atheist; keeps muttering that ‘ we will die and enter the ground and carbon will turn us into fossils……”
    The priest: Will rape me.
    I’d like to be with a Bible believing, comforting, Pastor who is not afraid to admit death, for the simple reason that he knows that he is saved through Jesus!

  4. A lunatic shaman. All you have to do to shut him up is tell him that he should go into trance to find the solution for world peace, and you’ve got days of blissful silence.

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