Who would you consider a modern day Socrates?

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In the last 100 years, who would you consider the modern day Socrates?
Someone like Nelson Mandela (but NOT Nelson Mandela) because he never gave up what he believed it. Any ideas?

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David Gallagher

Which Socrates?
1) A person who pissed off the powers that be?
2) A man who believed we were born with all knowledge already in our minds?
3) A powerful thinker who apparently didn’t know how to write?
4) A person convicted of a crime for his ideas?
5) A person who chose to kill himself rather than let the powers do it?


Loads of people, you even, Socrates had no actual proof of anything but if you want to see what it was that he didn’t have , look at this – http://synchronicitywins.blogspot.com/

Giggly Giraffe

Pope John Paul II — We love you!!!


bob marley with out a doubt. JAH BLESS im a duppy conqueror no man can lead man we have to have unity


Larry David, simply because his show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” bases its humor off the Socratic method of asking questions until someone yells at LD to STFU! (and get out)

peter m

Since no-one has mentioned the philosopher karl Popper,i will.
Especially as Socrates was one of his “heroes” (not in the actual heroic sense,but in the sense that sir Karl “loved” or admired,his philosophy).
And i for one admire sir karl’s philosophy;and i feel sure that if he was an American,rather than a European,his philosophy would be much more admired here too.
Nonetheless,i also think that amoungst western philosophers his work and his studies are not only readable but concisely understandable,too.
Above all,his…..theories too are,if i may say,pretty direct and new;and i think they still are,very much so,since that scholar has now “departed” (or died).
He had the forthright to get a U.S. lecture here in print,see the first source below.
And i guess that anyone interested in his work/theories should also get-around to reading his brilliant philosophical answers to some of the best philosophical “brains” “around”, in his time..(see the 2 volumes of these criticisms and their answers in the Schilpp volume library).


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