Who would win in a fight Sakura or Katara?

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They both have the power to heal. Sakura has the power to smash things by sending chakra to her hands. Don’t think that Katara is weak. People say that she need water near by in order to fight but she a lot stronger than you think. She can pull water out of the air and plants and she also knows how to blood bend.
Blood bending is a form of controlling some one blood. This allows you to controll their body and movement. You can also extract the blood from their body. So Katara can’t lose.

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I’d say Katara.

Kuroryuu no Sora ~ 黒龍 の 空

I think Sakura… She’s like a master at healing jutsu and evasion….

Captain Awesome

Sakura without a doubt lol, like other ninjas she’s increiblyfast and has such extreme chakra control she could finish Katara by either a single hit or just by using Genjutsu


it say katara simply for the fact that she can bend with any liquid and just take random moisture outta the air or a random tree and whoop someones butt 😛


just bcause i hate sakura id say katara


KATARA hands down. she can win against sakura. i think sakura can fight but katra has the upper hand.


Katara hands down! Just because she doesn’t do hand-to-hand combat or has super strength, that doesn’t mean that she can’t kick Sakura’s butt. She doesn’t have to come close to Sakura to beat her up, she can be fighting her from a distance with waterbending. Before Sakura can even take a hit, Katara can freeze her in ice, and the only person to set her free would be the bender, There are more waterbending moves that could be used on Sakura, also. Then there’s bloodbending! Katara will control sakura’s blood to make her beat herself up. It’s easy to say that Katara really does have the upper hand. I mean, she’s a waterbending master, who’s bending has greatly advanced. Sakura can fight, but Katara wins!


Actually, I changed my mind, Sakura would probably win. I just watched her in naruto and read about her and my opinion changed drastically


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