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Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Flash?

Assuming that the Flash is truly faster than Superman and they have all their natural abilities:
Superman: flight, invulnerability (except to kryptonite and magic), super-stamina, x-ray vision, teloscopic vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, can see electro-magnetic spectrum including infrared and ultraviolet, can detect any broadcast/transmitted frequencies, can see paranormal aura that every living thing generates, super-hearing, super-voice, super-breath, super-speed, super-strength, super-intellect, solar energy absorbtion, healing factor.
The Flash: can move think, and react at superhuman speeds, possess an aura than stops air friction from affecting body/clothes, can increase the speed of his molecules fast enough to move through matter, can steal the velocity of others, can create his costume out of pure speed energy, can traverse along the timestream to specific points as they become visible.
I’d say The Flash.


  1. Flash! he hasn’t got his undies outside for the whole world to see… at least he has some decency… FLASH rocks! ><

  2. Hands down the Flash. He should go back 2 when Superman first arrived as a child, take the infant Superman, tie a hunk of Kryptonite to him and drop him in the deepest trench in the ocean.

  3. Superman would win easily! Especially if we’re talking about the omnipotent Pre-chrisis Superman who used to pratically juggled entire planets. Regardless, Superman was/is the leader of The Justice League for a reason. Batman would probably make a better leader, but with Supes being the most powerful, he’s defaulted. The only Justice League member that could take Supes is Green Lantern. and Maybe Firestorm (before he died).

  4. I have to disagree. I understand your reasoning, because you think Flash would be faster by stealing Superman’s velocity. Think..Superman would have to be in motion in order for Flash to steal Supes’ velocity. Superman just has to remain stationary, and use his heat vision and super-breath; Superman can match Flash’s movements with his head. Also, Flash, as much as I like the character, wouldn’t be able to vibrate through Superman due to his invulnerability. Superman’s initial strikes would surely render Flash motionless, and even if they don’t, they will stun Flash, and Superman would take the advantage and capture Flash. Superman wins. Flash can only win in a foot race against Superman; that’s pretty impressive, though. Also, Flash can travel through time via the time treadmill, but this is an outside device, and not something natural inherent to Flash’s abilities. Superman wins. Sorry!

  5. Flash’s speed might keep him one step ahead of Superman, but it doesn’t save him from Supes’ ovewhelming power. This is a man that, at his peak, can move moons and planetiods. Even if Superman couldn’t physically keep up with Flash, his senses and brain work fast enough to track him. Add to this the fact that if he really, REALLY wanted to Superman could use his x-ray vision and heat vision to boil poor ol’ Flash’s brain. Then all the speed in the world couldn’t help help him.
    Or if I was like of the idiots who show up on these questions I’d say Superman because he’d throw Flash into the sun. That is there answer for when anyone fights Superman… it’s sad.

  6. The Flash has some truly awesome powers, man. But all Superman needs is two: invulnerability (that means Flash can’t hurt him) and super strength (all he needs to do is land ONE punch.)
    Flash can’t evade him with fancy footwork forever.
    4 APR 07, 1911 hrs, GMT.

  7. sorry flash wins…. very very easily. if were talking about to the death with out holding back flash could kill him easy… HE CAN VIBRATE THROUGH MATTER! TRAVEL FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT… and you guys think the flash would have to punch superman to win. … The flash could search the earth for kryptonite, and shove it up superman’s nose, ear, under his eye lids, up his butt, and down his pee hole before superman could blink. I mean it does very from flash to flash since there are several versions…. he can not only move at an insane speed but think and process at high speeds to… he could teach himself pretty much anything he wanted, invent a weapon to kill superman, like idk a gun that shoots high intensity red sun light beams. then superman would turn mortal and *crack* his neck

  8. The flash for sure.. I understand that superman is literally invincible, extremely fast, powerful, and has a crazy amount of different powers. But like the previous post he can search the world for kryptonite place it on him and it’s done.. He can go through objects correct so why couldn’t he steal his speed and faze his hand through superman chest and rip his heart out. Again game over
    Flash hands down. Speed is everything how can power and abilities beat anything if you are moving like a slug compared to the flash

  9. you people act like superman in completely invurnable, which he is not,(remember doomsday?) and even if he was, flash could still incapacitate him and put him somewhere where superman couldn’t escape

  10. The flash would totally win. I mean I see where the superman people are coming from but the flash would totally when against him. The flash could do anything anywhere at anytime and he could learn anything anywhere in about 30 seconds . The flash could find anything anywhere in the world and or create anything anytime before superman could comprehend that the flash was no longer in reach or in sight. His superpowers put together are no match for the flashes speed. Anyone could tell you that speed is power and super man is no match for the flash. Even though superman is fast, the flash is faster than the speed of light and could shut superman down . Superman, if you are ever in a fight with the flash, watch out because the flash will Kick. Your. Butt.


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