who would win in a fight between soul eater and shaman king?

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i wanna know how many people vote for soul eater and how many people vote for shaman king.

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Carlos Matute

soul eater

Foxy Brown

definitely the soul eater

Matty V

Soul eater….
if you have doubts check out an AMV i made for the best character..ever =)


how can everybody say soul eater? shaman king pwns soul eater. imagine this soul and maka going up against hao and the spirit of fire there won’t be anything left. even shinigami and the kishin would be done in by yoh and hao.


Soul Eater kicks a**!! 🙂


Black Star, Kid and Maka + Weapons vs Yoh, Len, Joco, Trey and Faust + Spirits
I say Soul Eater


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