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Who would win a Warlock Vs Vampire?

I am trying to write a story but it seems that vampires are all in style now,and days but warlocks don’t get that much attention.I know warlock means oathbreaker but just work with me :-),But anyways Warlock male Witch in this case Vs Vampire Creature of the Night.Just want opinons cant choose which character to play coven of warlocks or group of vampires Opinons please thanks alot Godbless.


  1. Like the person above me said, it depends on the knowledge, if the warlock is knowledge-able he’ll know spells to counter vampires, plus vampires are overrated in my opinion ;p

  2. me because i live in reality and when someone believes they are magical warlocks or vampires i prove them wrong by putting a 12 gauge slug in there chest…

  3. Well – IF we accept Brahm Stoker’s description of vampires as authoritative (and I think we should), even a normal human who is healthy and armed and discovers a vampire’s lair has the advantage. Presumably a warlock would know about vampires and would be able to prevent a vampiric attack.
    You really should read Dracula – it will completely change your ideas of what vampires are and can do. Modern depictions of vampires are completely lame by comparison.
    Dracula *depended* on working behind the scenes on humans who were totally ignorant of his capabilities, or on sending his “minions” to do the dirty work. He *always* fled a direct confrontation if more than one armed man was facing him.


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