Who would have won in a chess match between Bobby Fischer and Albert Einstein?

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Who do you think would have won in a chess match between Bobby Fischer and Albert Einstein?

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King Slayer

When Bobby Fischer was World Champion in 1972,
he almost surely (a.s.) would have won a chess match against anyone.
You might be interested to know that Emanuel Lasker was a noted mathematician, philosopher, and friend of Albert Einstein.
Source(s): http://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Almost_surely
In probability theory, one says that an event happens almost surely (a.s.) if it happens
with probability one. If an event is almost sure, then other events are theoretically
possible in a given sample space; however, as the cardinality of the sample space
increases, the probability of any other event asymptotically converges toward zero.


Bobby Fischer because he was a professional chess player and he studied and analyzed the game. Einstein is a genius but there are certain strategies and tactical maneuvers involved in chess that he cannot possibly pick up if they just played straight up. He would have had to study and play the game for a significant amount of time before he could compete with the likes of Bobby Fischer. It’s basically like a Triathlon champion competing in a footrace against a Track champion. We know they are both athletically gifted but the Track champ specializes in racing on foot so he’s going to win.


Had Einstein chosen chess over theoretical physics, who knows? I’m glad he didn’t. He wasn’t particularly fond of the game, but the one game of his I’ve seen (I believe it was against Oppenheimer) shows that he definitely had some ability. He was clearly better than most of the people playing blitz online ten hours a day. I’m sure he could have become way better than the average player had he taken a serious interest in the game.

new orleans killer

bobby fischer


Bobby Fischer, chess was his expertise.
If EInstein would have taken chess up early enough and if he would have been as passionate as Bobby Fischer about improving, he might have done well, too. But think about all the other knowldedge we would be missing from Einstein then…

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► Ed ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

Fischer could probably given Einstein knight odds and still won easily.


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