ar eyou interested in psychic powers, are you a witch? do you search out mystical/ spiritual phenomena? have you read the witching hour by anne rice? that last one is not a requirement, and actualy i’m not sure i recommend it. but in this book, she introduces a society of historians, scholars of parapsychological phenomena called the talamasca. would you join something like the talamasca?


  • This sounds kind of like those creepy clubs where everyone dresses up like Spock, or when they gather and act like they’re in the Middle Ages. You know, anything that is escapist and detracts from the fact that you’re incapable of being social in a non-dorky setting.

  • Hey, I’ll join your club. Contact me and we can set up something (details, etc.). I’ve always been interested and would love to talk.

  • I’d join a skeptic club.
    When it comes to “Secret Societies” like the Talamacsca I’d be very wary of them. Promises of magic powers have been used by cults to draw in new members.
    Alistair Crowley set up something similar to them and he was a fraudulent psychopath.
    Were I to be in the same room with them, I would be their worst nightmare. I don’t like cults. And I can be a B I T C H when I need to be.
    Picture Joy D’Arville Turner with a brain in the middle of a damn cult!

  • I already belong to a good one but it is not ever metioned in public.
    When you gather people with talents together, amazing things can happen.

  • There is already a community of scholars that research parapsychology topics, it is called the Parapsychological Association (
    There are also multiple organizations open to non scholars. I have provided the links below.

    Michael John Weaver, M.S.

  • To search out mystic powers is against the Catholic religion’s dictates, the homeowner’s association, YMCA, parent teacher’s association and just about every other thing’s social guidlines. If you really need to know the truth, you should have a group of friends that all agree on what you are going to do and why, like using a oija board. The catholics consider it a sin. I don’t think their viewpoint is at all correct, and some of the very few extremely talented people I have met in a lifetime had attributed all their success to guidance from spirits. It is a personal thing, but nobody advertises it; it’s a little like sex. You need to keep it personal and quiet as much as is realistc because our society if basically elistist.

  • I started one at my university. But it’s kinda approaching it from the other side. We’re calling it ‘skeptics’.

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