Home Discussion Forum Who worships trees? Do you worship trees or just hug them?

Who worships trees? Do you worship trees or just hug them?


  1. I consider trees a potentially sustainable crude fuel, construction material, writing surface and atmospheric regulator.
    They’re handy to have around, but that’s a far cry from the religion that some people have made out of environmentalism.

  2. I honor tree’s … as part of nature
    but … I don’t worship them …
    and I just hugged a tree this weekend but there was nothing inappropriate going on … promise …

  3. It may be that any particular tree is inhabited by a nymph, but I have never been able to tell in my travels which of them are.

  4. I just hug them. I really like what God has done with the planet. It works for me. I hope to inherit the earth with the rest of the meek

  5. I don’t worship or hug trees.
    I used to high-five them, before it started hurting my hands.

  6. Trees are living things like animals. Y would you worship that is created by God but rather worship the one and only God with no partners, childrens etc. He is unique with no gender becoz he is the one who created genders for humans as support for each other whereas the lord does not need support. Yes trees do give oxygen and we give them carbon dioxide and all credits are to our lord becoz he is the one who made us dependant on each other or there would be no humans, animals and trees in the planet.

  7. I neither worship or hug trees. I simply prefer for trees to stand tall and beautiful rather than being ground up to make disposable chopsticks or what ever. People who only see dollar signs when they look at trees call this “worshiping “, which is BS.


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