Who will be President Hussein Obama's spiritual counsel…now that he has been "weaned" from Wright & Pfleger ?

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He attacks the likes of Charles Dobson or Billy Graham as those who have “hijacked” Christianity.
Who will his “particular brand” of moral/spiritual leanings be attracted to for council during crisis or spiritual guidance as he has now taken on the job of leading the free world and the all the gravely moral decisions that must imminently be made and will no doubt cost lives, perhaps millions …when the time comes!?
Liddle Angel: Interesting links…Thanks.
Dear Tee:
I don’t HATE anyone…it’s not good for my soul…but I am a strong and passionate defender of truth & clarity ….the values that guide me are Love and Courage …I like myself “particularly” for those two attributes which go hand in hand….trust me, being a black man who thinks for himself is not easy…the hate comes from “all-sides”…that’s where the courage to do and say the right thing has to kick in …or else I’m just a weak fearful person, scared to stand up for what he believes….I feel sorry for “sheep”…I don’t hate them!
I am offended by many many people on Y/A,
( you yourself have hurt my feelings personally)
If I took the time to personally respond to all the fools on Y/A it would be a full time job…the haters are plentiful on both sides….I only report obscene vulgar or violent responders, for the sake of decency for the many young people who use this community.
Consider me a wiser older brother who takes the time (and the heat) to even care!

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andy p

under Obama, changes have already taken places:
there will be much better civil liberty
and much better world relationship.
The US will regain world respect and world leadership


And, why are you so sure Obama has “weaned” himself from Wright? I really don’t think so, JMO.


Anyone who would attack Billy Graham (who celebrated his 90th birthday this week, btw) and/or James Dobson (Focus on the Family leader) is of questionable moral character him/herself.
Those of questionable moral character (e.g., Barack Obama) tend to choose “spiritual leaders” of the same ilk. Hence Obama’s decision to sit under the spiritual leadership of a flaming bigot (i.e., Wright) for 20 years.
The person he will choose as his spiritual leader will not be chosen for his/her capacity to provide moral guidance. The person will be chosen opportunistically, with no other intent than to appease the masses.


Actually, this is the ‘latest’ person that Obama has sought Spriitual Advice from three times…and I read they will replace Billy Graham..

Old Mister Happy

After the election his had his arms around the Rev Otis, the Wright clone from Hell, and said that this was one of his “best friends”. So we’ll see more of him, probably more of Rev. Wright as well.
He’s da Prez, he can do what he likes; da people voted for him and he won. Good luck “suckas” (ala Aunt Esther). Speaking of whom, how is Michelle?

Leni C

I don’t know, maybe you, but I doubt it.

Hater Police

Dobson is an extremist. I would not like to see him anywhere near the White House. Obama never attacked either Dobson or Graham…that’s a figment of your imagination.
I don’t think the president has to have a “spiritual adviser”. The presidency is a SECULAR job… his spiritual well being is a personal thing.


who says he has weaned himself from JWright and PFlager? I believe these two guys are still on the skinny with BO!


You really need to let it go. Who will be Obama next advisor? IDK. I’m not a psychic. Whoever it is. I hope he doesn’t let the public know. It’s a sad day in America when you can’t worship and praise the Lord.
I get it. You hate Obama. Well, if you and other like you who hate him so much. Stop posting questions about him. You lost and life goes on. notice you/right winger/Obama-haters like to dish it out but can’t take it. You report people who don’t agree with you.
Sure, I was upset when Bush won twice but I went on with my life. I wasn’t obsess with Bush nor hate him.
I think Rev. Wright, Pfleger pales in comparison to the likes of Hagee, Pasley and Cunningham. They spew hate to millions everyday on TV. ;))
Old Mister Happy: I think your wife or man probably looks like Aunt Ester, Phyllis Dillar and Rosanne Barr.
Fade to black as a black man you should be insulted by this answer. This man is talking about all black women including your mama.
I really don’t care if you like Obama or not that is your right but I don’t understand how people of color espeicaly blacks condomn to this crap. You being a black man let non blacks dissed black people and use insults and racial slurs. Maybe you’re not happy with yourself or don’t like who you are.


he will find someone that he thinks mainstreem america will like and be a uncle tom to his black buddies in chicago


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