Who were other living historical figures alive at the time of Buddha?

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Just was wondering who else famous was alive at the time that the Buddha was born?

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That would be around 450 bc. Wasn’t Alexander the Great happening then?

neil s

Evidence does not confirm Buddha was an historical figure.


The period around 500 – 400 B.C.E. – the approximate time of Buddha’s life – is known by scholars as the Axial Age because it represents a turning point in the awareness and expression of human experience.
In addition to the Buddha, other important figures who lived during this time period include:
– Socrates
– Plato
– Zarathustra (the founder of Zoroastrianism (his date is controversial))
– Confucius
– Lao Tzu
– Thucydides
– Elijah
– Isaiah, and other biblical figures


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