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who was the most powerfull real life witch/warlock or magick user in history.?

i am just curious cause i am writing an essay about all kinds of real magick, like everything from pagan and wiccan to satanism. i mentioned aleister crowley as the most well know magician, but does anyone know if there was a person in history who possesed more power then anyone else. like a warlock or somebody?


  1. If by real magick you mean the practice of ritual then Crowley was probably the most influential. If you mean “real magick” as in summoning demons and flying around rooms, then I’m afraid I have a harsh surprise for you. That kind of magick isn’t real. From LaVey Satanists to modern day chaotic magicians, magick is a psychodrama. It allows us to exercise catharsis and relive our primitive ancestry, but it confers no supernatural power.

  2. Try referencing;
    Eliphsa Levi & John Dee they are a good start for influences upon the later figures like Aleister Crowley and Gregor Mathers.

  3. Terms are a very interesting thing. The term warlock actually means oath breaker and is not looked upon kindly by any of the Wiccans that I am familiar with.
    Throughout history there have been many many people who have brought the art and science (yes science) of magick to it’s current state. There are all of the Egyptian priests whos names have been lost to antiquity. There are many of the Greek philosophers who were physicians and alchemists (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle just to name a few). In the Renaissance there was John Dee and Edward Kelley who received the Enochian system of magick. There was Paracelsus the alchemist and magickian. Henry Cornellus Agrippa wrote the Occult Philosophy in 4 books. Then in the Victorian age we have all of the crazy Freemasons along with:Levi, Mathers, Wescott, Regardie and of course dear ol’ uncle Al. In the 20th century the list is just too long to even begin with.
    Most modern magickians do not even know how many unnamed occultists we owe a deep debt of gratitude to. My path has been most influenced by Crowley, Regardie and Parsons. They did some amazing things way before it was vogue.

  4. Magic use isn’t something that can really be documented. Crowley certainly claimed to have done powerful things, but there’s no objective way of proving, much less measuring, what he actually did or did not accomplish. Magicians before him were generally more private people. They didn’t brag about their magical exploits. Cornelius Agrippa certainly wrote a very large volume of material on the subject, but does that equate to “power”? And what do we mean by “powerful” anyway? This isn’t Hollywood. Even the most powerful magicians don’t throw fireballs or take over people’s brains.

  5. If your talking about all of history The Buddha and Jesus Christ.
    In more recent history, Franz Bardon did some amazing work and is very influential in modern hermetics.

  6. I’d have to say my mother. I’m not joking either. To me, Crowley was an idiot who ran around being awful and stupid. He does not deserve much thought. As for not throwing fireballs, Wrong!. I’ve seen more than one fireball in situations. There is only a few things one need know to get power. If you keep the connection , you will grow more powerful as you become part of.


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