Who was the most enlightened human being who once lived on this Earth?

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Jesus Christ without question.


except for religious aspects, i must say socrates.

Gyorgy B

Most enlightened? Fureal!!




Abraham Lincoln….or maybe John Lennon


Well the obvious answer to that wud of course be jesus. In recent times i would say there are a gud few, martin luther king being one of them and gandhi being another. Its a pity governments do not learn from these great people and rule by hypocrisy. Thou shalt not kill? Well thats a fckin laugh cos thats all there is.




Sargon of akkad who reigned approximately 2,334-2,279 Bc .was one of the earliest of the world,s great empire builders. Conquering all of southern Mesopotamia, as well as parts of Syria, Anatolia and Elam. He established the regions first Semetic dynasty.


There are many who have attained enlightenment.The words ‘the most’ do not make sense because there cannot be ‘less’ enlightened in someone who has reached enlightenment.
Buddha.. Gautama Siddhartha..springs to mind when i think about enlightened ones…but he is not the only one.


Mohammad( peace be upon him).


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