Who was the atheist that had a near death experience, then converted to Christianity?

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He talked about how he was dead and on his way down a corridor and the demons taunted him. Somebody posted a link to him and i would like to see it again.

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Richard Dawkins.

Trey J

the first post is hilarious….. srsly idk…


I have heard about at least 2 people for sure that had been atheists or at least not at all interested in the things of God who had died and gone to hell – actually, right now, it’s HADES…and somehow, by the mercy of God, they were brought back….One testimony I heard was from someone who was actually an MD, a cardiologist, if I remember right…This was years ago.. I am sorry, I don’t know any names. I hope
someone else will have the info you need….You could look up near death experiences on the search and see what you come up with or you could write ATHEISTS WHO HAVE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES….You might find it…. 🙂


Athiest Howard Storm, died and spent time in the afterlife. On his return to the living he became a devout Christian minister. Happened in 1965.
his story:
Ian McCormick, ex-athiest after near death experience.
his story:
There are more stories here about others:


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