Who was more intelligent – Steven Hawking or Albert Einstein?

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Who had the highest I.Q?

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At their levels I would judge intelligence by actual contributions to the physics community and not by a silly pattern recognition test.


I never heard about Steven Hawking…. I think….. so…. Einstein rullz! >:)

Michael H

oh come on… is that really a question!?

who am i??

albert einstein…….WHY DO I CARE THO!!


good question.I would say Einstein


Is Stephen Hawking dead then????

Masha S

Well, book smart, Albert Einstein was smartest. But spiritually, Steven Hawking is.



david d

Albert Einstein. Maybe Stephen Hawking has better mathematics skills. But Einstein is a genius on a level that Stephen Hawking could never reach.


I think this question does a disservice to them both. They are both equally brilliant in their own way.

Donna M

Don’t know about IQs, but Einstein had the most brilliant mid the world has ever known – before or since.
They say that with most great theories in physics, if the scientist in question hadn’t come up with it, at some point someone else would have done.
But in the case of Einstein and relativity – it was a theory of such brilliance, that without him we could still be waiting for it now. It’s often called the greatest single thought process of all time.
So, on that basis, Einstein.




I think I’m the only person that is going to answer Hawking on this one.
The man has overcome adversity, only to come up with some of the most amazing theories about the world, and writing one of the greatest scientific documents of all time.
Einstein was a genius like the world had never seen, but Hawking is the Einstein of the new era, and I think I’d put him a step above.
Just my opinion though


They are both really smart people in their chosen Fields. Einstein was a rebellious school child who was rebuked in his school reports. He went on to discover thing that had baffled mankind for centuries. His word and theories live on to this day. Until someone can come along and reject them scientifically.
On the other hand Hawking’s has been using state of the art equipment. He has seen things, Universal, that Einstein could not even knock up in a simple Lab experiment.
Einstein had to use basics, Hawking’s, the full disclosure of all the 21st century technology.
In my mind it has to be Einstein. And that’s not rocket science.


personally i think they were both equally smart in totally diffrent ways if u know what i mean


A scientific poll states that Einstein was, however I agree
with the answer stating that, at their level, it makes no
difference. Hawking, being so handicapped gets my vote
since it takes more than intelligence to overcome his problems!
It takes sheer guts which he has plenty of, to share and give
away. He will be remembered for his mathematical skills, but
above all, for his faith and willpower. God bless him for showing
all of us how to survive. Iain Ritchie.

Ivan R

This is a truely irrelevent question, what difference would it make anyway??. I think your realy splitting hairs or atoms here!! 🙂 TEE HEE!!
IQ is a VERY poor predictor of intelligence, I have a cousin who has a sky high IQ probably matches that of steven hawking as he works in the same field anyway. He is a nuclear scientist & works at CERN laboratories but he still sometimes does the dumbest things. In case your interested my cousin does research into string theory and sub atomic particles, you know quarks, higgs bosons,etc.
So high IQ doesnt follow that the person always is intelligent, and even if the person is intelligent its how they use that intelligence.
Even intelligent people do stupid things sometimes!! or intelligent people might be incredible in one subject area and totally ignorant in another or have very poor social skills,etc.


It’s not a question about who ‘Was’, because one of them is still alive.


Why?! Do either of them serve a purpose?! Wouldn’t mind their pay packet tho’!!


Steven Hawking is building upon what Albert Einstein has left in legacy. Now you guess who should be more intelligent.


Albert Einstien E=MC squared- one of the smartest men on earth he knew many things and 3 1/2 /4 of his theories were right unlike Steven Hawkings he had a black hole theory that failed miserably so I’m saying Einstien


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