Home Discussion Forum Who was more influential: Sigmund Freud or Albert Einstein?

Who was more influential: Sigmund Freud or Albert Einstein?

Who was more influential in world history: Sigmund Freud or Albert Einstein?


  1. I would say Einstein. Without his theory of relativity, photo electric theory, and general theory of relativity, we would not have things like television, satellites, nuclear power, to name a few, that are so essential to our way of life.

  2. Freud caused more people in the baby-boom generation to be screwed up psychologically, and to pass that along to their descendants, than anyone other than Dr Spock….
    Albert Einstein developed ideas that caused a complete upheaval in the way of life of most Americans….
    Tough question..I’ll vote for Freud…

  3. Believe it or not, Sigmund Freud.
    At first, anyway.
    Albert Einstein’s theories were SO ahead of his time it took years of other people studying them for them to give Einstein the credit of genius.
    Sigmund Freud while a student at the University of Vienna under Darwinist Prof. Karl Claus, was already working diligently towards his claim to fame. Freud was brilliant and knew it and actively pursued fame as an accomplishment at a VERY young age.
    Einstein on the other hand clashed with authorities and resented the school regimen. He dropped out of high school and decided to apply directly to a Polytech school but lacking a school certificate, he was required to take an entrance examination, which he did not pass.
    Later he was finally sent off to finish secondary school.
    Einstein could not find a teaching post after two years and finally got a job at the Patent Office.
    He had also gotten married and started a family very young.
    During all this time he had no contact whatsoever with the physics community.
    Albert Einstein was a seriously LATE BLOOMER.
    Sigmund Freud on the other hand started off at the age of 17. By the time he was 25 years of age, he had changed his college major, served his required military duty, AND recieved his Doctor of Medicine degree.
    So, in conclusion, Freud’s influence had been around much longer, he was much more well known, had studied under several noted professors, and was a DOCTOR at 24/25 yrs of age.
    While Albert was working in a patent office, supporting his wife and kid.
    BUT, of course, now, Albert Einstein’s theories “hold more water”, but for a long time during their lives, they didn’t.


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