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who was Lao Tzu? (laozi)?


  1. Laozi is the founder of Daoism, the ancient Chinese metaphysical philosophy. He is attributed with the authorship of the Daodejing. There is little really known about his life, most of it coming from folk tales that originated around the time he was elevated to godhood in the religious Daoist pantheon (there are two types of Daoism, religious and philosophical, that evolved long after Laozi’s life). In fact, there is no absolute proof he ever existed.

  2. An old farmer with an attitude. He did develop high tuition and a very good form of education for east and arabia. Many claim he was born in Zhao, or perhaps iranian steeps. History says he lived in China and wandered through the kingdom in search of merchandising and tax money. He did earn a wealth and managed to write a book about the way of dispondency and betrayal, or the true origin of sexual rites and dilemmas. Many would say sex is better studied from far, while others get to complex figures of speech while attaining, this could be complicated. Lao Tsu is a very respected and revered figure from times before there was printed posts and press to help with images.

  3. Lao Tzu is a name, with no evidence either supporting or denying “his” existence. The name is generally attached to the Tao Te Ching.

  4. Lao Zi,named Li Er,was a great philosopher and founder of Taoism in the Spring and Autumn Period(770-475BC).I had taken a photo of stone statue of Lao Zi carved in China’s Tang dynasty(618-907AD).I can give u some info might help u by adding me in Yahoo Messenger.My address:


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