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Who was Aleister Crowley and what made him important?

I never understood who he really was and what he did.


  1. Aleister Crowley was NOT a Satanist, although he did inspire Satanic ritual magic. He was an author and an occultist. He wrote books on magick, tarot, and developed Thelema. Just research the rest. I do agree that he wasn’t relatively important, but I do enjoy some of his work.

  2. Crowley was a mystic who successfully channeled an alien entity in Cairo, Aiwas, who successfully named the defining characteristics of this era we are currently in, and what defines it as different than the previous era.
    He was also a very successful poet and a mountain climber, as well as a member of England’s traditional aristocracy. He inspired many of the modern movements we take for granted, from NASA pioneer Jack Parsons, to people who began the Ecological movements and modern literature and artists. He also wrote at a level well above the accepted 2nd grade-USA Today reading level of Americans, so mostly he’s misinterpreted as a satanist or a lunatic, mostly because people don’t understand his sense of humor, or Victorian writing style.

  3. He was an incredibly brilliant talented educated man, a revolutionary well ahead of his time. He was labelled “the most wicked man that ever lived” by narrow-minded fools who did not have mental capacity to understand what he was trying to achieve.
    He developed the Crowley Thoth Tarot which is the second best selling Tarot Deck in the world (The only deck more popular is the rider waite). He was an artist, a writer, an historian, astrologer, ceremonial magician… He was the man who popularised the word Magick with a terminal K.
    He was an member in several occult organisations, including the Golden Dawn, and the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). He is probably best known today for his occult writings, especially The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema.
    He was also a great influence on modern witchcraft.


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