• Don’t lose your faith. If you research NDEs you will find that no scientific theory can explain all aspects of NDEs. I use to be where you are and then I just dove into NDE research, I would read anything I could get my hands on. I would suggest listening to some of the Skeptiko podcasts. Don’t let the name throw you off, it is not really skeptical but more logical evaluation of the evidence. Listen to the ones about NDEs, you will be amazed of just how much evidence there is.

  • I´ve been an atheist since I was a kid. My parents stopped lying to me about god pretty much about the same time when I found out Santa was not real. Once a year, at Christmas we went and sat in the first row in the local cathedral and listened to a sermon but we never really believed in gods.
    When I was 17, I almost died in a car crash. I was in coma for three days and for two minutes I was pronounced clinically dead. It did not change my opinion. When I was diagnosed thyroid cancer and spent three weeks not knowing if I would live or die, it did not change my opinion. The only that could would be any reasonable evidence of a god.
    You´re losing your faith. All I can tell you is to let it go. You´re not going to miss it at all.

  • I almost died – the doctors expected me to.

    I didn’t.

    Not once during the experience did I think about any magical ideas like deities or afterlives or similar fiction.

  • When some people lose oxygen in their blood, they hallucinate, thus explaining NDEs. There is nothing special about NDEs.

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