Who wants to end their spiritual search?





I am proposing that the spiritual search is over already. We are all trying to get to where we already are. That ego has no control at all and that the spiritual search is actually avoiding the reality of life.
I am proposing that the only consciousness is the one in your body that is constantly changing just like thought does. That both consciousness and thought are senses picked up by the body and what we are, what we REALLY are is only a sense. I’m saying that this sense is the sense of separation. It’s not awareness, it’s not choice, it’s not an action taken by the body, it’s only the feeling that we aren’t the rest of totality.
Yay or Nay?
You will never find wisdom from a fairy tale, you created the meaning you’ve found.


  1. Yay more or less. Spirituality seems to be rather speculative and a waste of time but we must assume there are real discoveries to be made by exploration of concepts even if some of them are futile no?

  2. you’ll never find a corvette at the bottom of a cracker jack box neither. i still think that that one little pig was wise to build his house of stones… never mind, the reality of this life as i see it is that only the dead seeks and wonders no more. those of us not will continue to search

  3. I think once you’ve got to that point your search has ended.
    It’s like running on a treadmill your whole life thinking you’re going somewhere important then you look around and realize you’ve actually just been running in place for all these years.
    Ignorance is bliss. :

  4. Sometimes I want to end it and go back to thinking that anything means anything but once you get a glimpse of the truth there is no going back so I do just like you say and I take life for what it is. I see the worth of things diminish before my eyes. I see possessed people. I hear the words of people who are sleeping but don?t realize it. Better to serve in Heaven than rule in Hell and I mean that figuratively as I do not subscribe to any organized religion.

  5. Umm, wow , I am more inclined to believe I have found my spirituality and I seek more wisdom from it.
    It’s not a fairytale to me blappers. Why did you ask if your intention was to ridicule those who don’t agree ?

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