Who taught Gautama Buddha? And who first sat in Zazen?

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indian b

Buddha was moved by the misery and sorrow around the world though he was born in a royal family.
He attained enlightenment.
Nobody taught him…
You can say the world taught him..


To say nobody taught him is probably wrong, since he was an educated aristocrat who would have had many tutors. He would have been deeply familiar with the philosophies and religions of the time and region.
Additionally, he travelled with monastic and religious orders for some years before branching out on his own, as it were.


Before he become a Monk, He was Siddhartha. Siddhartha learned many war techniques from his palace courtesans.
When he become a mendicant, there are somany names who taught, yoga, meditation, breath control and other physical and mental control techniques. Some names are Ramaputra and Kalama.
But, from there his walk was alone and become his own guru. That is why he is called “Self Enlightened”. So, the question got a problem, after he become Gautama Buddha, nobody taught him. All the teachings happened before he beome “Buddha” including the 4 scenes can be taken as his teacher. I do not know the answer to the second part. sorry


Siddhartha Gautama’s spiritual teaching came from a band of wandering ascetics he joined and from higher forces.
Bodhidharma first sat in zazen, he founded Zen by bringing Buddhism from India to China where it melded with the native Taoism to become Zen.


Alara Kalama is the first teacher of Siddharta Gautama, prior to his enlightenment into Buddhahood. A Buddha has no teacher as he discovers the Truth and becomes enlightened by his own effort, without being taught or given knowledge of.
Zazen literally means to ‘sit in meditation’. There’s no way to speculate who first sat zazen as meditation has been a practice since time immemorial from the ancients…
Hope this helps 🙂


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