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Who sings Eye Of The Tiger, We Got The Beat,Heartbreaker and Welcome to the jungle?

I am just so curios!


  1. Eye of the Tiger is by Survivor. We Got The Beat is by The Go-Go’s. Heartbreaker is by Blondie . Welcome to The Jungle Is by Guns N’ Roses.

  2. Eye of the Tiger was done by…Journey. (Hate that band.) The most common version of this song was used as the theme song from the movie Rocky IV, although another version was done by a band called Survivor — never heard of ’em.
    We Got The Beat…definitely the Go-Gos.
    Heartbreaker: I’m guessing you’re listening to a classic rock channel/station, and the classic rock stations tend to over-play a song of that name by a chick. That’d be Pat Benatar. If, on the other hand, the song you’re hearing is done by dudes, that’d probably be “Heartbreaker” by Led Zeppelin – oddly enough, I’ve never actually heard this one.
    Also, i don’t think that either Heart or Blondie have ever done a song called “heartbreaker”, although I’m not an expert. At any rate, if they (or Tom Petty) have ever done one, I’ve never heard it.
    Welcome To The Jungle: Guns’n’Roses! Woohoo!
    Jeez! Do any of these other people have a single friggin’ clue???

  3. survivor sing eye of the tiger, the go-go’s sing we got the beat, i think heartbreaker is sung by tom petty and the heartbreakers, and welcome to the jungle is guns n roses.

  4. eye of the tiger: survivor
    heartbreaker: pat bentar
    Welcome to the jungle: Guns n’ Roses
    We got the beat: The go go’s
    I am certain that hearbreaker in NOT Blondie

  5. eye of the tiger- either journey or survivor
    we got the beat-Gos Gos
    heartbreaker-Pat Benatar,blonde,or heart.IDR
    welcome to the jungle Guns N’ roses.I had to go to google to find out We got the beat


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